Interior Design Trends 2020

Relevance of style decisions in an interior is merciful to the customer’s purse. Options of finishing of walls, floor, furniture – everything keeps freshness and stays popular for a long time. If you made repair a year ago, following all orders of the day will keep relevance at least five-ten years.

We present you tendencies and stylistic solutions of design which will look fashionably in interiors of 2020 and for a long time.

  • Fifty shades of blue

Combinations of blue color in different variations are already popular for several years. By means of cold and warm shades of blue you can create your mood.

Try not to go beyond borders warm/cold, select furniture and paint different, but relatives for color. The white tree, metal, concrete, light brown, the muffled ochre will be ideal for cold blue.

Warm colors depending on purpose of the room can be dark or light, give a little violet, or color of the solar spring sky. Here you can supplement color scale with warm shades orange and light shades of the wood.

Anyway blue – will remain as one of the most fashionable colors in Interior Design Trends 2020 .

  • Marsala – a wine shade, cherry

Marsala is popular in fashionable collections of clothes and has every chance to become one of the most popular colors of 2020 .

Noble cherry gives to the room warmth and a coziness. The soft saturated wine shade will become bright accent of an interior. But here it is necessary to be careful. Color can draw all attention to itself therefore we recommend to you to leave under Marsala only one of walls, painting the remained walls in white, gray or beige.

Marsala is well combined with color of greens, emerald, lime, and also blue: indigo, color of a sea wave and pale blue.

It is important to select color scheme for the principle of opposite shades of a color circle, but concentrate your attention on one-two pieces of furniture of blue or green color, and it is better to execute the remained finishing in gradation of black-and-white scale.

  • The natural sciences – all natural are very fashionable!

Natural materials strongly fixed in interior design, and will be in a trend still a long time including

Interior Design Trends 2020 . It is about using of plaster, metal and a natural stone. Also do not forget about wood.

Roughly processed concrete walls will direct us towards minimalism.

It is better to use concrete in big rooms and to dilute it with a heat-insulated wooden floor and natural textiles – cotton, leather furniture and skins of animals.

Try to leave woods in the most natural look, in modern design it does not suffer big varnish coats and coloring.

The wood will make warm every interior, and almost all colors scale approaches this material. Besides, wood is applicable practically for all modern styles of interior design, it gives a big scope for your imagination!