How to use the windowsill in the kitchen effectively?
In most modern apartments window sills are not used at all. At best, there may be placed houseplants, small souvenirs and unnecessary logs. But this useful area should be used in a more effective way. Common kitchen windowsill can be a great helper to any housewife, freeing up valuable space. For small kitchens such a decision can be a real «salvation» and the elegant way out of a difficult situation.
But how to turn a window sill in a useful and versatile area? It all depends on which option you like more.

Window Sill as a bar counter
If you’ve always dreamed about your own bar, the window sill in the kitchen will be able to realize this dream. You need only two bar stools that will match the height of the sill, as well as an appropriate countertop. And then you can use your windowsill as a bar. Drink your morning coffee while taking in the opening scenery, or spend time with your boyfriend here for a glass of wine. Now you have a small seating area in the kitchen with an interesting functionality.

Sill as a dining table
You can go a little further then the bar. Sill can be even turned into a small dining table. Of course, it will not be able to put a large number of guests, but for one or two people that table will be perfect. You will need chairs of a suitable height. Besides countertop should be «taken out» from the wall so that people’s feet do not rest against the wall.
There is another variant of the organization of the dining table from the sill — table top is attached to the windowsill perpendicular to it. Thus the seats may be arranged on both sides, an increasing number of people around the table.

Window Sill as a garden-croft
Recently, growing of ornamental and edible plants in the house has become a real trend. Why buy green on the market or in the shop if it is possible to grow your own? Several pots with soil, seeds and regular watering — soon you will be able to enjoy the results of your own work. Where it is possible to grow these plants all year round? Insulated and draft-proof balconies that overlook the sunny side, will make a task of «gardeners» who live in apartments much easier.