Interior Design Ideas For Townhouse

Contemporary — a background for other styles

In the correct «city» interiors it is difficult to allocate these or those stylistics — style of a contemporary usually serves as a background for interpretations in an interior ethno, neo-classic, pop art, a retro.

Style basis — common sense

Style of Interior Design Ideas For Townhouse a contemporary in an interior of the apartment is a functionality, convenience and simplicity. Not tinsel, but comfort, not a concrete subject, but space is important. The main sign of style of a contemporary — the interior is simplest, quiet and is not persuasive.

Italians call this style in design style of «modernist style» — for commitment to the new ideas and technologies.

No to excess objects and pathos

The space has to be free, you should not load it excess objects. Accurate forms, smooth surfaces, straight lines or softly rounded lines, neutrality of elements, small number of accessories — all this signs of style of a contemporary. Elegance is reached not at the expense of a decor, and at the expense of the line.

The philosophy of a contemporary arose on the basis of the Scandinavian style in an interior — with his idea of mass production. Against the background of expensive ultramodern materials and works of the modern art separate simple objects perfectly look, even recognizable samples of furniture from IKEA look very organically here.

«no» to a framework — «yes» to freedom

There are no strict rules for design in style of a contemporary, there are only three whales on whom the correct interior is based: harmony, comfort and functionality.

For preservation of feeling of freedom and a scope the built-in cases and racks are widely used, niches are projected, the equipment hides behind sliding designs. Everything that the look detains, is behind doors, imperceptible against the background of walls. On a look — only the laconic carefully picked up decor objects.

He is deprived of obvious belonging to last historical eras, and only reminds of them, favorably softening lifelessness of a functionalism, sterility of minimalism, hi-tech industrialism, combining ultramodern tendencies with spirit of the recent past, doing interiors it is warmer, more sincere and more traditional.

Reserved and neutral color scale

Upholstered furniture, as a rule, light tones without any finishing, geometrical, low. Simple smoothed forms prevail. Many furnishings are made of glass, plastic, acryle, thin metal frameworks for creation of feeling of zero gravity and a scope. Fabrics: cotton, flax with the expressed invoice.

Style Interior Design Ideas For Townhouse of a contemporary in an interior of the apartment means reserved colors — black, white, shades gray, beige, brown. They serve as an excellent background for unusual in a form and the invoice of accents (textiles, a decor, pictures and posters).

Tactile paradise

Instead of a combination of bright shades we receive a combination of expressive invoices. The apartment interior in style of a contemporary (as on a photo) is rich in tactile feelings: here glossy surfaces (glass, a tile, marble, acryl, chrome, steel, a varnish) are combined with opaque materials (wood, stone, natural fabrics). Quite often interiors are under construction on a combination tactile warm and cold.

Functionality of a situation is connected with need of placement of all necessary on the limited area of the city apartment.

From here — modules of the standard sizes and geometry, system of storage of things, the hidden and open boxes, shelves, racks. Standard furniture serves rather as a background on which bright details show to advantage: lamps, pictures, photos, vases, pillows and plaids.

One of tendencies of style of a contemporary — association of space. Desire to receive the maximum scope is expressed in the principles of open planning and visual methods of zoning. As borders between functional territories serve modular designs, furniture, change of level or a covering of a floor, ceiling height. At the same time the maximum benefit is derived from each design, the ergonomics miscalculate.