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Today each owner tries «to decorate» the room, to make it cozy and original. But how to pick up design so that it was beautiful and functional? Let’s consider the most popular and modern styles of an interior which will help you to execute a unique and unique interior of the apartment Interior Design For Home Videos

Uses of a kitsch in an interior

Today registration of the dwelling in style a kitsch is considered very current and urgent trend. But, that did not speak, for inhabitants of the CIS of the countries similar style of registration is considered exotic. Simply speaking, the kitsch is a mix of retro style with what can only come to your mind. But you should not forget that any imaginations have to be limited to a measure of taste and a combination of some objects in an interior. Big flight of imaginations is provided by huge color gamut which begins from saturated-red till poisonous-blue colors. Today only three colors – red, black and gold enjoy popularity.

Style of a country

This style descended to us from screens of the western movies. At once what rushes in style of a country, so this value of its literal translation into Russian. The country means «village». The name speaks for itself. Similar interior design will be suitable for those persons who have some sort nostalgia about the forgotten village and rural life. Rough wooden furniture is the business card of «rural style». About such furniture an impression is made that everything in the apartment is made for ages. Against the background of a rough interior it is possible to see quite often cowboy’s objects, skins of animals which perfectly supplement the room. The choice of color is limited to nothing, and materials are limited to a tree and a stone.


The functionalism arose not so long ago, the main thing its feature is a practicality. Quite often this style is used in small rooms. Feature of an interior is that all furniture costs in narrowness, but at the same time perfectly functions. Small regiments, the developing furniture, modern electronics are characteristic of this style.

Colonial style

One of the most Interior Design For Home Videos ancient styles in an interior is. In the modern world with its help people try to support spirit of antiquity, giving to an interior the archaic forms and ethnic motives. Because of essential antiquity of style in finishing of rooms colorful colors were not used. Though after modern designers began to modernize style, various choice of flowers when finishing rooms appeared. Colonial style is characterized by a variety of subspecies: from African to the European. As common feature serves wooden big furniture of natural shades. The prevailing colors — white, gray brown.

Japanese style

The low tree furniture or bamboo, small lamps from natural material, lack of wide color scale is an integral part of traditional «Japanese housing». It is, perhaps, the most ancient style of registration of an interior. Its history contains more than 3 thousand years. The basic rule at registration of the room is simplicity, monotony of colors and lack of excessive furniture.

Tropical style

The careless and lazy interior combining a set of traditions and cultures. Finishing of the room is made of simple and natural materials. Wooden furniture, a mosquito grid on beds and tropical plants serve as the integral attribute of tropics.