Indian House Exterior Wall Design Ideas

Are you looking for Indian House Exterior Wall Design Ideas? You are welcome. Here you can find everything about house finishing in Indian style.

In representations of Europeans India causes associations with a rich variety of exotic fruit, spices and aromas. In Hindu religion the spiritual beginning gets the best over material that is expressed not only in deep ancient wisdom, richness of traditions and cultures, quiet contemplation, but also in pretentiousness of architectural style, amazing grace of ornaments and a thin carving.

Most of Hindus practice yoga therefore their measured, slow life, meditations, allow them to reach harmony in themselves and the world around, like separating themselves from the reigning vanity. Therefore also the interior in the Indian style looks brightly, harmoniously, whether it is colonial (with ancient roots and traditions) or modern style.

One thing in this style is invariable: validity, durability, using of natural materials with obligatory presence of individual handwork. Home decoration and finishing: wall panels, floors, columns — are executed surely from the firm massif – wood, stone, ivory.

In the hall presence of Hindu deities is obligatory – statues can be in the most different sizes from various solid of natural material. Floors – wood, tiled covering or a stone. Furniture is wooden or wattled with handwork carving elements.

Europeans like to use Indian teak furniture for a bedroom. It is very strong, convenient and has refined appearance, but is valuable not so much because of the quality of wood, but for much magnificent design. And the wide canopy gives to an interior really east look. Only it is important to remember that it is not recommended to have bed in the center of the room.

It is recommended to place pictures with types of the nature, the blossoming plants, the seas on all perimeter of rooms. And everything that is connected with violence and death, troubles, poverty and shocks, in the dwelling is inappropriate. It leads to squabbles, contentions and poverty.

Pieces of utensils in the Indian style will give completeness to your interior. Ceramic ware with elements of an art list, bronze teapots and trays, wooden, bronze or from ivory figures of animals, sacred for Hindus, and gods. The carved wooden small chests inlaid with nacre – everything will serve as organic addition in design of the dwelling.