Indian House Design Front Elevation.

People who are interested in the Indian culture need to remember several main principles of architecture and Indian House Design Front Elevation.

If you want to build the private house and already chose the place, carefully get acquainted with a site inclination. According to ancient Indian science it is necessary to choose the sites having an inclination to the North and the South, it extremely favorably influences health of residents, their welfare and success in any their undertakings. The excellent choice if your site is under a bias on the North and the East, and the West and the South of the site is a little higher than others

Pay attention to an Indian House Design Front Elevation. It has to «look» only at the East, so the morning sun will get into the house and to affect positively on health of owners.

As for an entrance door, the Indian architecture forbids to have an entrance to the house in the center of the house. Put a door so that it opened clockwise (undoubtedly, outside). If it is possible, then it is better to apply this rule to all doors in the house.

It is important to pay attention to placement of rooms and planning of the house. In the south arrange a bedroom and kitchen, the dining room, in the West — the nursery, in the north — the storeroom. The southwest perfectly is suitable for an office, and the East will create the favorable atmosphere in a bathroom and a bathroom, take away the northwest under a drawing room.

And if you move into already to the ready and planned apartment, then improve the atmosphere directly in rooms. For this purpose arrange furniture so that the North, the East and the center of the room were empty. It is the best of all to choose the place for a dream in the southwest sector of the house that the head was in the South or the East. It is worth remembering that the bed should not concern walls.

On perimeter of all apartment arrange the pictures representing the sea, gardens, the nature. It is impossible to select the images of death, violent scenes, poor people.

If the bedroom is in your house in the southeast, then in the house chaos, quarrels and a lack of money will constantly reign. It is also impossible to sleep under beams, in apertures of arches.

It is contraindicated to put a bed in the center of the room

It is enough to walk on the Indian streets to see bright colors around themselves.

All this violence of paints is present also at an interior. Color scheme of the Indian style are warm, saturated colors — yellow, red, orange, green. Blue and white colors are used. The color scheme can be limited as in two, three flowers, and a large amount of colors. At the same time it is possible to use neutral color of walls, and bright paints of the Wall can be painted monophonic paint, both bright color, and neutral tone. Often on walls decorative carved elements from a tree are used. Also the wall can be trimmed by fabric or on a wall the carpet can settle down. Use of niches of an arch form is pertinent. There candles or icon lamps with aromas can be placed.