Indian Home Plans Free Design

The interior in the Indian style demands refined taste and sense of proportion that the room did not turn into the ethnic museum. It is optional to equip completely the house as the Indian dwelling, there are enough several unusual expressive objects for creation of exotic color.

Traditionally at the Indian interior surely there are wooden columns with graceful carved capitals, figured arches, numerous niches and apertures with openwork lattices. They quite organically can fit into space of the modern European house or apartment.

Vaulted ceilings are usually painted with use of a favorite vegetable ornament. Doors decorate with a graceful carving, inlay with nacre, brass or marble plates. Floors spread a stone, carpet, and walls paint or plaster. Preference is given to beige-brown color scale with inclusion of various shades of red, blue, turquoise and orange colors.

Furniture in the Indian Home Plans Free Design house has rather simple forms added with roundish, bent elements, the rich decor which sometimes is completely covering a surface. Jewelry in the form of an openwork carving, the combination from different breeds of a tree, nacre and ivory is inherent in a popular Bombay mosaic. Elements of the real Indian furniture are turned manually and processed by color varnishes in technology of multilayered varnishing. The list from life of gods meets the image of dancers, elephants and horses, sketches rather often in the Indian houses. For production of furniture there is a tic, nut, a box, a pink tree, local breed to shisha .In the southern part of the country the wicker furniture from reed and a bamboo which is varnished, wood stains, paints on a vegetable basis is extremely popular, and polish with natural wax. For this reason the Indian furniture is especially appreciated as environmentally friendly production. Taking into account such local features as high humidity, the abundance of termites and ants, furniture edges usually finished with metal, and the big planes gather from the separate squares which are pulled together with shod metal strips. Furniture of the Indian room surely includes low cases, buffets, carved whatnots, shod chests, dressers with a set of sliding boxes. Doors and sidewalls of cases often have wooden or metal trellised inserts in style of «Dhaka». In the same manner the decor for low little tables on direct thick legs is carried out. The original interior decision in the form of a set of little tables of different height which are put one under another is distributed. Little tables in trayble style are very attractive: with the legs and smooth table-tops curved outside at which production elements of old vehicles or elephant saddles are used.
Traditional Indian benches represent the graceful polished shops with trellised backs which are suspended in wide apertures and turn into a house swing. For sitting in the house use stools – round, with fine-molded legs, wattled seats, and sometimes completely openwork or brightly painted. As bed Indian Home Plans Free Design most often serves the simple wooden frame on legs where place a wattled surface or a straw mattress. The headboard is done, as a rule, in the form of the openwork carved panel. The bed is decorated with numerous pillows and transparent bed curtains, sometimes fencing with a magnificent Indian screen with an openwork through carving, varnish miniatures or inserts from metal.