Indian Home Front Door Design

Ethnic style of an interior is very unusual. Especially brightly it is allocated against the background of modern interiors in hi-tech style and minimalism. Ethnic style happens different: someone likes the East, someone prefers India, also those who from Africa are delighted. Each of such styles is exotic in own way. The main thing at registration of an interior in ethnic style – to pick up color scale, furniture, textiles, finishing and so forth so that to create an interior in the spirit of the chosen country.

At first sight creation of an interior in the Indian style – very simple task. Imagining India, we remember taste of the Indian spices, delicate aroma of aromas, magnificent palaces; the silk clothes embroidered by gold; soft and wide sofas … but try to transfer the Indian atmosphere to the modern apartment, and you are convinced that it is not so simple.

Basic element of the Indian interior and the composite center – a big, soft, magnificent sofa. A sofa – the only «representative of upholstered furniture» in an interior, more in it there should not be neither chairs, nor sofas, nor padded stools. Give preference to wooden furniture. The Indian furniture is, as a rule, made manually of a tic. It is recommended to choose furniture of bizarre shapes.

The Indian Home Front Door Design entrance door plays a special role in the Indian house. It is considered that the smooth door brings misfortune therefore on a door surface Hindus cut images of birds, flowers and leaves to drive away a trouble from the house. If the entrance door is directed on the East or the North – residents of the house will be accompanied by good luck, but if the door is directed on the South or the West, then to be protected from evil forces, Hindus decorate a yantrama door. You will be able to buy such decorative means of defense against evil spirits in any specialized shop.

In the Indian ornament geometrical figures prevail, the circle symbolizing the sun besides is especially esteemed. At desire you can decorate the house with images of the sun: bright yellow circles with the lines reminding beams.

At the choice of color scale of Indian Home Front Door Design an interior it is necessary to be very careful. It is the best of all to use red, brown, crimson, turquoise, orange colors. Do not add white color at all – in India it is color of a shroud, color of death, grief and grief therefore the less white color will be in an interior, the better.

Now it is possible to find a huge number of the Indian accessories with which it will be pertinent to decorate the room issued in ethnic style in specialized shops. You will suit the Indian musical instruments. On a door it is possible to hang up several jingles fastened with threads. There are also special accessories without which the Indian interior will be incomplete. These are figurines Ganesh, an elephant, a snake and a monkey. The figurine Ganesh – the Indian god with the head of an elephant – will bring wellbeing and success in all affairs if to put couple of coins on his head. The elephant symbolizes happiness, prosperity, wealth and glory, a snake – love, and a monkey – healing and fertility.