Indian Home Design Outside

India – the mysterious and unusual country, throughout several centuries continues to surprise with the original culture which, by the way, more than 3000 years. India – is full of contrasts, there the luxury adjoins to deep poverty and dirt, but the basis of its culture is a religiousness and spiritual life of everyone.

For many travel to India – not just a trip to the exotic country, it is more similar to a pilgrimage to the holy sites, search of a spiritual way, understanding of as parts of the World. The people who are in spirituality actively interested seek to surround themselves and at home with the situation corresponding to their way of life.

To create an interior in the Indian style it is necessary to define existence or lack of a religious component. The interior of the spiritual practical becomes on canons of his religion. There is also so-called Indian fang shoo – to Vast who is much more senior than Chinese. Both ethnic Indian style, and colonial will be suitable for the people admiring culture of India, but at the same time leading a secular life and striving for rest of the house. And the first, being under strong influence of the Muslim East, differs in richness of a decor and use of expensive materials whereas the second, thanks to the European colonialists, – is ascetic, laconic, but possesses easily readable ethnic line.

Exact copying of the Indian Home Design Outside

Indian style is under our conditions rather difficult as demands big space, specific materials, and also handwork of the Indian masters. And is it necessary for the person who is brought up by boundlessness of our woods, fields and rivers? It is possible to borrow only some characteristic details, and they with success will fit into any interior, India is the country of mixture of styles, languages and cultures.

High-quality stylization under the Indian interior will not do without acquisition of a significant amount of pieces of antiques of this country (vases, furniture, figurines of gods, decorative screens, etc.) or hand-made articles of modern Indian handicraftsmen.

It is the best of all to choose several closest to you objects and to combine them with elements of a modern situation. There will be quite enough two-three pieces of furniture to make an interior basis in the Indian style. It is good if they are combined with each other — at least on color.

Number first in this list — the Indian little table (journal, «coffee») a special style: low, with direct thick legs, with a carved border on perimeter, carved (or deepened) squares in the middle and most often — with a glass table-top. Such table can be also Indian Home Design Outside

with bronze inserts or incrustation.

Unusual and purely Indian option — «nested doll» from several little tables (or stools) the different height which it is possible to put one under another for economy of the place. There are still grandiose tables from black or white marble with incrustation by precious or semiprecious stones — but with their help you risk to turn the housing into the pavilion for shooting about life by the maharaja.