Ideas for small balcony.

A small area of the balcony — is not a reason to turn it into a closet. For bicycles, skis and potatoes can be found another place. A balcony can be easily converted into a separate room, which will be combined with the overall style of apartment, or contrast with it. There are a lot of ideas for arrangement of small balcony. Still you should arise from personal preference and specific parameters. Do not try to fit all at once, select one basic idea and follow it.
To turn a small balcony into something cozy and original, we just need to focus on a few very important points that will help you achieve the desired result.

Style of a small balcony
We recommend you to determine the style before the start of any finishing works and procurement of materials. The fact is this style will dictate you a list of needed items. For example, a balcony in the eastern style will be suitable for lovers of tea ceremonies and hookahs. Warm gamma must be present in the design of the walls and ceiling, flooring will hide under high and soft carpet. And translucent colored pillows and curtains will complement the luxurious interior.
For a nice balcony in a French-style would be appropriate pastel shades highlighted by strict black. Wrought iron furniture will perfectly fit with lots of ornamental plants. Do not forget about small lamps and deck chairs that will allow you to enjoy a cup of morning coffee and a croissant.

Furniture for a small balcony
You will have to give up from massive furniture that occupies a lot of space. It just does not fit on your balcony. But do you need big armchairs and a dining table there? You can create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere with a small round table on the «stalk» or to use a folding table. If the style and the balcony allow, the windowsill can be a tabletop. In this case, it must be supplemented by a couple of bar stools.

For extra furniture does not stop you from moving on the balcony, get a few folding chairs. They will help you to place guests on the balcony and in the living room (if you do not have enough seats) and in the rest of the time will be stored in a corner, without creating problems. Another way out of the situation — soft puffs, which are removed at each other on the principle of nesting dolls. Stylish and very effective.
If you have a glass-free balcony, do not rush to order plastic windows. These balconies have their distinct advantage — the rail. They can be used also as a support for a table.

If you want to make a real relaxation room where you can read, lounging on the couch, then do not order it separately. You can make such a place with a small mattress, beautiful blankets and several pillows. In fact, why do you need armrests on the balcony?