Ideas for backyard

Fire at the site. Of course, you can put a BBQ, but much more interesting to organize a decorative «hearth». As a «fire keeper» use portable metal bowl or a bent sheet metal. If you are confident in your choice of place, put a small bowl of stone.

Vertical garden. The best solution for even the smallest suburban area.
A stylish bench. Concrete blocks, inflatable mattress and pillows can turn local area in a recreation area. As a basis you can use wood pallets, upholstered in chintz or matting. The filler may be a foam or dry grass.
Unusual flowerbed. Ideas of this kind simply are in the air that does not diminish their value.

Cute pond. The same applies to the man-made reservoir, the good he needs very little space. Such a pond can be done by yourself.
Ideas of a backyard for playground in the country
Zone without sand. Great for homes where children live, love messing around in the sandbox or run around bare feet on the beach. In order these heels do not bring sand into the house or on the lawn, put in the box bigger flat pebble and put it wherever reaches a water hose. All the sand will settle between the stones.

Swing. Backyard greatly benefit if hang on the tree or special columns bright swing. You can make it out of anything: an old chair, pallets (get a great option for 3-4 people) … or even a skateboard.
Obstacle course. A great option for a small space, where all summer are guests children. All you need — a rope of 10 meters (well, if the different pattern) and 2 reference points. We stretch the rope in any order that it remind rays laser maze.

Shelter for the whole summer. Of course, you can build with children a tent made of branches, but it is useless to come as quickly as was collected. If selected as a building material winding beans, such a design will last for several months.

Unusual design ideas for backyard
• hang a mirror on the inner side of the fence — such unusual for suburban areas the course not only helps to surprise guests, but also visually increase the space
• paint the stones in the garden under the candy, pillows or something else
• make a mosaic bench in the style of Spanish architecture — a great thing for the regions with hot summers
• decorate greenhouse vintage accessories — get real temple for the soul
• Select a non-standard form for the pool