Ideas for Backyard: orderly grooming or unorganized naturalness?

My piece of land is open and not protected from the sun. Scorching rays are harmful for some plants, but others grow riotous color, without requiring extra care. What to do: try to tame nature in his backyard, or obey, and quietly watch its designer delights in the style of «wild chic»? Is it possible to compromise?

The need to create a well-kept site gives the designer a fertile ground for the work, but it requires attention and effort. You can use items such as strictly defined boundaries of lawns, gravel paths, sculpted shrubs, clean and clear geometric contours and shapes.

How to do without the lawn? Organize with the help of gravel, pebbles and mulch neat, neat landscaping.
«Scrubby» landscape does not require special maintenance, but so that a courtyard does not look like overgrown with weeds vacant lot, some will have to make efforts.
Sometimes planning «natural» landscape takes no less time than the geometric gardens. Choosing native to your climate zone dry grass and plants, you will be able to ensure their healthy growth with minimal interference.

Green plants can be located at different levels, producing a glance the impression of randomness, dispersion, but the second — perfect harmony.
Design of garden on a slope. Separate groups of plants can form the inscriptions and figures, and can grow a «natural» way.
Grouped by type bushes can give site even of the laziest owner a neat appearance. This method of arrangement of is often the golden mean.
Reliability and validity to appearance of the backyard can add stones in perfect harmony with the landscape. They can be natural or decorative.
Which is preferable: order or chaos? Your territory, you decide.