Ideas for a small yard.

You have purchased a country house with a small courtyard and hesitate to issue its design, because you think that is simply not enough space for all your desires and fantasies? Don’t be upset! Original and tasteful, you can equip site of any size, even the smallest, most importantly to know all the nuances and peculiarities of design, and take advantage of them will be easy, so all in your hands!

Space expansion
With some simple tricks you can make a small yard visually wider and more comfortable:
• Avoid bulky, dark buildings at the site. If you can not do without them, then make the structure as compact as possible and «air», ennobling them trudging plants or grapes

• the effect of a closed box creates a high deaf fence, so it is of refuse. The ideal would be openwork metal fence or mesh netting, decorated with curly flowering plants. Great idea — to replace the fence hedges

• taboo for a small yard — high spreading trees, which as they grow will take away a significant part of the territory

• Avoid regulated clear geometric shapes and sharp corners, they sharply delimit the space that will stress the small size of the site

• If your yard will still be decorated in a simple style, then use repetitive elements (boxwood shrubs, flower pots, decorative stones, lanterns)

• create focal points. This can be a flower bed, a small pond, standard tree or an interesting decorative element. They attract the eye and visually divide the total space into parts complicating it

• Use 3D effects and many levels of planning. Playing on uneven terrain and color shades, give depth and dimension to your yard

Garden paths
Properly laid path can visually enlarge the area of the yard. And if we dream, with the help of paths can be made interesting and mysterious courtyard. Gently curved paths of pavers or slabs will be original decoration of the garden, and extended by his journey, which will create the illusion of length area. The cross track, winding between the beds and vases, on the contrary, to expand the area. Make stretching into the distance track, which rests on a series of hedges or shrubs. So the impression that your yard is continues.

Rest zone
A cozy place for recreation can and must build even a small area. Use gabions and openwork lattice braiding plants to separate the recreation area from the total area of the site. Get beautiful fragrant garden furniture with table and seating. They can be both stationary and portable. Near organize BBQ or small center, and the trees can hang a hammock where you can lie in the nature with a favorite book, without taking up additional space.

Lighting and Decor
Bright light is not appropriate in small areas. It makes more sense to zone land with the help of several types of lighting:
• lights are located along the path to the subdued light. It will emphasize the shape, direction and length of the tracks
• pendant lamps and candles add a romantic note in a recreation area
• plants illuminated with LED lamps at night, look voluminous and create depth
• Use a dry creek in the decoration, glowing in the dark, decorative stones