How to use the wall above the sofa in the living room: ideas for small apartments.

How can you complain about a lack of space for things in the apartment if above the sofa in the living room — empty, nothing occupied wall? — It’s the whole space for the organization of storage used and simply decorative items!

Shelves and shelves
The most simple, unpretentious and least expensive way to put all of your books, vases or statuettes in the living room — it is to hang on the wall above the sofa most usual or unusual shelves. Of course, do not hang them too low. Otherwise, just getting up from the couch the risk of injury. The width of the shelves must also be within reason.

Modular hanging cabinets
You are mistaken if you think that the modular cabinets are appropriate only in the interior of the kitchen. For example, IKEA catalog is an excellent model for living room decoration. You can find different designs of lockers: they can be of any width and height, with doors without them. If you wish, you can make overhead cabinets to order — then they just fit harmoniously into the interior of your living room.

Such a solution is feasible only by means of repair, but believe me, the result, as they say, justifies the means. Projecting a niche in the wall above the sofa in the living room, you can just think that it will be kept, and, on this basis, define its scope and content. So, you can make a niche purely decorative element with backlight, and, say, photographs, or turn it into a real library!

Shelving above the sofa
This system of storage (especially books) would be ideal for a small living room, where every centimeter counts, and a large niche can be done. For that you need, in fact, a high rack, the bottom of which is not intended for use and can be «hidden» behind the back of the sofa in your living room.

Sofa «at the rack»
The radical option, where the main element of the sofa is converted into the built-in furniture. This idea usually involves a rack in the wall, in which there is a niche for the sofa. These can be individual rack modules or one-piece construction. Filling it also can be quite varied, but the result is the same: with a design solution bookcases and shelves for decorative knick-knacks you are unlikely to need it!