How to plan space of small apartment.

In any case, if you started a repair, then about any impromptu speech and can not go. This process requires careful preparation and planning. Otherwise, the final result can not only afflict aesthetically, but also cause discomfort by practical. Especially this issue is critical, if we are talking about the design of a small apartment.

Interior of small apartment should be designed maximum functionality. Every centimeter of it has to work for a master, and so here we have to use all your spatial thinking and ingenuity. To help you, we can offer several effective and original ideas on how to successfully plan the space, even the most modest apartment.

First, and most importantly — if you can, then get rid of unnecessary corners. Smoothly into each other’s rooms will make your room visually more spacious. In addition, this course design can significantly improve the usability of your apartment.

If it is impossible to get rid of the corners, then make sure that they work for you. Do not leave empty, even the most intricate corners of your home. Perhaps it will find its place hanger or lamp, or even your desktop, customized sketch?

Those who draw up interior of a modest one-bedroom apartment, experts recommend avoiding radical zoning space. Strong contrasts or multilevel make the room visually less. Therefore, to distinguish between areas, it is best to use furniture. For example, the back of the sofa can be separated from the living area of the kitchen area and the original cabinet can be wall between the sleeping area and work.

It is also possible to resort to all sorts of design tricks. Nowhere to put the TV? — Make a niche in the wall and place it there. By the way, niches in the walls — this is a great solution if design small apartment does not allow to accommodate everything you need. For example, a niche in the hall can accommodate not only accessories and umbrellas, but the home surveillance system. In the same way, it is possible to eliminate from their interior bookcase. Books will look great and in the niche.

Sills — not only for the flowers. Wide sill can be used not only as a work area, but even as a kitchen table. It is enough to show imagination, and you can get instead of the usual window sill, in fact, the work surface. Moreover, it is the window maximum amount of sunlight, which also allows to save money on electricity.