How to make the bed yourself?

First of all, before you engage in the manufacture of the bed with your hands, it is necessary to take into account some very important things that affect the whole process. So, it is important to calculate the dimensions of the mattress, so that after manufacturing of a product does not happen any excesses.

Beforehand to determine the location of the bed to see — whether it is convenient to come, lie down on it. It is necessary to focus on the indicator light, the closer to the window, the more the sun will fall on you. That’s not bad, but if you prefer to sleep longer and enjoy the shade — Avoid sun beds. Either make a four-poster double bed. Well, in the end, you want to choose the material of which will be your bed.

Choosing material
The modern market offers a huge number of different practical and inexpensive materials that will look great in home interior, it can be as natural wood and chipboard or MDF. The main thing to look at when selecting the technical characteristics, the visual quality must take a back seat: deep sleep — the guarantee of health.
The first, and perhaps the most important advantage of the chosen material is high environmental friendliness. After all, to make the headboard with your hands is not difficult, but we must remember that the harmful substances that may be released during the operational period, over time, will affect your body.

A safer option would be wood or plywood, then you can choose MDF (although its reliability is largely inferior tree species), last chipboard. No matter how many experts said that the shavings with adhesive does not affect the health, yet over time it starts to produce noxious fumes that are very close to your body could cause discomfort (usually occurs at 4-5 year of operation chipboard).
After that you should look at the reliability and strength of the selected material. In the first place it is again a wooden stove, which, though gains by most measures, is still considered quite expensive and not everyone can afford.

If you want to choose a cheaper version — be guided by the chipboard and plywood, enough for 2-3 years and then must be replaced. Such material is not only cheaper, but has a large number of colors that are sure to appeal to you to taste.
Having defined the framework, it is necessary to pay special attention to the instrument with which to work not only during assembly, but also to carry out the entire preparation process — from drilling special holes before screwing metal fasteners.
It is best if you have at hand:
electric drill;
several different screwdrivers;
variety of drills.