How to make a car baby cot

If you really want to put in the nursery beautiful roomy, but a small cot, and in stores such was not, do it yourself.

Size of car baby cot: 1,53 × 0,74 m Sleeper: 1.4 x 0.7 m For the manufacture of car bed needed: 2 sheets of birch plywood thickness 18-20 mm (1550 × 1550 mm) and 2 sheets of 10 mm thick samerozy 4 × 50, 4 × 30 mm, carpenter’s glue, PVD coating on wood, white acrylic paint, distempers, acrylic paint in cylinders (reflective and regular), glossy acrylic lacquer for wood flooring, 4-wheel furniture, metal car wheels, wheel bolts, cardboard (thin plastic) for the headlamps and windows.
Of 2 sheets of plywood (20 mm) apart sidewalls bed scrollsaw parts:
o headboards (bumper) 700 × 200 mm;
o headboard 700 × 400 mm;
o-bars support for shelves under the mattress;
o bars amplifiers structure between the bottom and side walls;
o shelf-spoiler (above the head) 700 × 150 mm;
o bed base width of 700 mm and length as that of the bottom sides, minus the thickness of the back and the head;
o 2 front wheel drive cars d 320 mm;
o 2 rear wheel d 400 mm (or 4 identical).
Details of plywood (10 mm):
o 2 shelves 700 × 700 mm under the mattress (with handles-hole or recess);
o grille cars;
o wheels d 240 and 300 mm.

Building the crib-car
Mill All parts of cot, align the edges. Treat the grinding machine or sandpaper. Drill holes for the assembly of parts. Putting a product gluing seams with white glue, fastening screws. The wheels have not yet set. Once again grind, glaze bumps in the details (and you can cap screws — in this case will not folding cot). Set at the bottom of the corners of furniture casters.

Decor of «car» crib
Stain bed frame: first, all surfaces except the bottom, white paint dried. Then add Kohler and paint your product at its discretion.
Wheels painted in black and the wheels in silver color. From cardboard cut out patterns of headlights and the side window, colorable from a container is attached to the adhesive. Reflective paint is applied on the machine drawings — stripes, waves, color transitions.

Frame product and shelf under the mattress cover lacquer in 2-3 layers with intermediate drying. Wheels not varnish to simulate rubber. Fasten them to the crib. Install grille cars. We put shelves, which will be located on the mattress.