How to decorate the fireplace zone: 8 original ideas.

1. Create a masterpiece in the design phase
If the question of decoration arose in front of you at the stage of the project, you have a unique opportunity to make a real masterpiece of the fireplace. Using the original design and unusual surfaces, you can ensure that the portal will be the main fireplace and the most striking decorative element in the room. At the same time it will be enough to emphasize only a few parts, or even do without decor.

2. Use logs
Probably the most natural decor for the area by the fireplace were and still are logs. Carefully cut the wood, pre-cleaned of dust and dirt can be laid in a special niche beside the fireplace, in the furnace, if the fireplace is not in use. If desired, for the same purpose use decorative threads.

3. Implement the mirrors and reflective surfaces
The mirror surface is always very advantageous to look in the interior. And the fire area is no exception. Will be coated with a wall on which the fireplace, reflective panels, they can be any size up to you. A simpler option would be finished hanging mirror in a beautiful frame above the portal. Depending on the style of interior you can choose a mirror patinated, classic or modern, with a 3d effect and three-dimensional elements.

4. Complete the composition with candles
Candles, as another source of heat and light, will also have a very organic look to the fireplace. They may have a few pieces, arranged in beautiful candlesticks. And you can use free-standing candles and arranging them blocks of 20 or more pieces, you can achieve a striking effect. At the same time, it is desirable to use candles if not identical, at least one of the collections that are similar in color and form.

5. Place the decor symmetrically
Whatever the decor is, with its pair of symmetrical objects, you will create a very distinctive atmosphere. It is static, gives a sense of stability and balance is very space. You can have a mirror image any objects in the area of the interior fireplace — shelves, racks, lockers, books, figurines, vases and more.

6. Arrange the wall and the portal with paintings
A favorite method for many was the design of the fire zone with paintings. It may be a few small pictures, or a picture of impressive dimensions. They can be mounted or simply put on the portal. At the same time, take care to decor combined with each other and did not close the painting. You can also use family photos and prints within or just gather a collection of empty frames and arrange them by the fire zone.

7. Fill in the niches and shelves
If the portal of the fireplace itself and place above it do not allow your imagination run wild in the decor, feel free to engage the shelves or niches on either side of the fireplace, if any. Arrange them at the books, statues, pictures, candles, dishes and all sorts of other interesting detali4

8. Use vases and figurines
On the portal would be good to put some solid elements of decor. This can be figurines or vase. Well, if you use several items from one collection or at all the same — it will create a sense of integrity and completeness of the composition.