How to decorate the bathroom after feng shui

Water, as one of the five basic elements of nature, according to Feng Shui is associated with the flow of finance that surround man. Therefore, for design of the bathroom ancient philosophical doctrine pays maximum attention, because it is in this room, the energy is concentrated wealth.
Teaching Feng Shui considers that it is very correct the location of the bathroom on the north side of the house, and vice versa — in the south is not recommended to equip a room. Better not to have a bathroom and toilet next to the living room, especially a bedroom — it can lead to the decline of emotional forces and various mishaps that a person absorbs during sleep. Also, the door to the bathroom should not be visible from the bedroom, kitchen and entrance area.

Ideally, the bathroom and toilet are not aligned, but if it happened, it is necessary to separate the two functional areas of a screen or wall so that the energy of purity is not mixed with negative flows.
You should Install sanitary devices as follows:
• bath — in the southwest part of the room
• toilet — on the south side, but farther away from the entrance
• sink must be installed so that when a person does not wash his back to the door

The color scheme in the bathroom after feng shui
The colors that excite and cause conflicting emotions, for example, red, black, brown, swampy, dark gray, after feng shui should not be used in the bathroom as they attract negative and contribute to the decline of vitality.
For the bathroom must be chosen light pastel and neutral colors: light blue, light green, pink, peach, white, cream, silver, soft shades of green, light wood tones.

Special forms of objects
Avoid sharp edges, use plumbing of round shape, for example, an oval tub, streamlined shell and so on. The square shape and massive pieces of furniture extremely is not desirable, because they symbolize negative «chi.»
In general, all of the objects in the bathroom environment should resemble the shape of a circle, an ellipse or a winding line.

Suitable finishing materials after feng shui
Feng Shui in the bathroom is to use ceramic tile, marble, glass and natural stone. In addition, their texture should be smooth, flat, reflecting light, contributing to the awakening of the positive «chi».
Limit the use of wooden elements in the bathroom, because they inhibit the movement of water power.

If you use mats, prefer light textile samples of small size, which can be quickly refreshed so negative, the so-called «dirty energy» is not delayed.
The presence of metal objects and items (faucets, towel holders, etc.) has a positive effect on the atmosphere of the bathroom, so do not neglect them, and use the room for greater functionality and multiplying power of water.