Christmas window decor perfectly complements the traditional Christmas tree, such decoration has very harmonious look in the apartment and a country house. Especially anxious to decorations for the windows are children agree that a sense of fairy tales and Christmas mood — the necessary attributes for the New Year. In today’s article, we decided to talk about a few ideas of how you can quickly and original decorate the windows in your apartment.

The idea №1. Patterns of artificial snow
You will need:
1. carved snowflake
2. spray with artificial snow
3. water

Step 1
Glue snowflake to the glass on the water, gently straighten the paper creases. With snowflakes will drain the water, blot it with a cloth.

Step 2
In order most of the windows were clear, put on a little water with sprays.

Step 3
Apply on top of the snowflakes artificial snow from spray. Wait a few minutes until all dry up and peel off the paper snowflakes. Thus, even if there is no snow outside the window, at home you will have snowflakes falling and simulate the real snow.
Instead of snowflakes can be used any other scraps of paper in the form of snowmen, Christmas trees, reindeer and other symbols of the New Year or Christmas.
At the end of the holidays artificial snow can be removed easily from the surface of the window with a damp cloth.

The idea №2. Paper snowflakes
All possible attributes of the New Year, like snowflakes, stars, Christmas trees, help to create a holiday atmosphere in the apartment. Experiment with color and form, do not be afraid to make Christmas decorations bright and noticeable, because it will last on the windows just a few weeks before he could become boring. If there is a child, then all kinds of snowflakes and stars can be cut with a baby, you just need colored paper, scissors and children fantasy.

The idea №3. Christmas decorations on the curtains
If the previous two ideas do not suit you due to the fact that after them there is a new problem — the washing of windows, the option of curtains decoration does not require subsequent cleanings.
Hang a ledge a few Christmas balls held together by tape — this simple and sleek decor will look great in a bedroom or living room.
You can also make tiebacks of Christmas toys and satin ribbon. The undeniable advantage of this option decor is that such jewelry is easy to remove and hide until the next New Year.
If you have a long garland with original hangers, hang it along the eaves. Such impromptu «pelmet» will give the room a festive look.

The idea №4. Christmas toys, pine needles and garlands.
The easiest way to create a garland for Christmas decoration box — a cut snowflakes and white thread to hold them together, creating the original suspension composition.

If you do not have special artistic talent can be applied patterns of paint through a stencil. To do this, you need to buy special stencils to paint on the windows (they are always sold in departments with Christmas decor), or to make such cuts with your own hands (it is better to use heavy paper so the stencil can be used several times). Using the same paint as for the drawing with brush, spongy and stencil, you can create beautifully decorated windows in anticipation of the holidays.