HOW TO DECORATE A SMALL APARTMENT Ideas. 6 ideas for small apartments: transform disadvantages into advantages.

Do not be afraid of simplicity
This means that we offer to start from the most accessible and obvious scenarios. Plain bright finish, smooth texture, and if possible — natural materials. The white walls better scatter light, weightless transparent window curtains or naked, too, contribute to the creation of volume and spaciousness. Carpets do not use as a decorative element, and decoration, and for its intended purpose, ie as an insulating element — for warmth and protection from the noise, so choose without pattern.

The double burden
If the place is small so that the choice is between the bed and a sofa — choose a sofa with storage space that can be folded. If you can not do without a bed, look for models with drawers. Where there is no space for chairs, there is a place for comfortable chairs, complete with decorative pillows. Not only beautiful, but also comfortable!

Why closed cabinets? Save things from dust. But the apartment is small, and hence there will be dusting much less belongings. In addition, open shelves stimulate maintain a constant order. The main claim to the compact rooms that they quickly clutter. So open shelves and hanging shelves not only take up less space and steal much less light, they also help to keep yourself in good shape.
If you still want to cover the facades, the aid will come home textiles: simple design quickly prolong tissue storage and tasteful material for curtains add comfort.

Move color accents
In order not to create visual noise, bright finish lovers can console themselves in the Spanish style — shifting the emphasis to the floor. Cool bright tile will please the eye, but the strain on the contrary, will not be.
And one more interesting solution, just to create a very stylish space — to paint the ceiling of the dark paint, create depth, or to decorate the wall of wood or composite materials designed for sex.
Hide the trash
Handymen, young parents, creative (and «creative») natures, we hear your pain! If you often have to pull out just a lot of available tools, toys, tools — Organize tucked away space junk. Several strong bags behind the sofa immediately help restore order. Just do not forget that they are there and sometimes they need to be inspected and cleaned.
The reverse side of the door, especially if the latter all the time in the open position, willingly endure several hooks for clothes, bags, kitchen apron, slicker. This room will be tidy and neat.

Use the plane for decoration
Collages and frames collection — one of the most effective ways to give the interior the very individuality that we all seek. Discard the figurines on the shelves, it’s better there reigns sterility. But the walls, especially the corridor and kitchen, use to the fullest. Set the mat with your favorite photos enliven monochromatic finish, but will not take place at all.
Diverse finish and its absence — not just a fad, but a bright way to zone the space, without prejudice to the total area of the apartment. Yes, the bar-rack — the dream of many, but what if the break stretched and spacious rooms but only just finished marking the area? May turn out very well.