How to decorate a riser with your own hands: MASTER CLASS.

If you like the ornaments, color and are not afraid to experiment, then this project is for you. Reach paints and brushes — Today you will learn how to decorate the staircase in the Moroccan style. In this master class combines two popular just recently receiving — the effect Ombre (hue of blue paint changes from one stage to another) and the use of intricate patterns in the decoration.

You will need:
• Stencils for future patterns in the riser
• Paints for an interior
• Brushes
• Dishes
• Spray Adhesive
• masking tape
• Sandpaper

Step 1. First, apply a base paint on the riser after sanded and burnish stairs. This can be used as a small roller and brush. Do not forget to start painting masking tape to seal the area that should not get the paint. Once the paint is dry, you can proceed to the next steps.

Step 2: Apply a small amount of glue on the back surface of the stencil (only the area around the pattern) so the stencil fits close to the surface, otherwise the pattern can be blurred. Just be sure to use a very small amount of adhesive that can be for the insurance, even diluted with water. If the idea is to glue seems too risky (in fact, if you calculated wrong amount of glue, tear-off stencil, you can accidentally grab some areas base paint), use masking tape to fix the stencil.

Step 3. Apply the paint with thick brush with a blunt end or a small sponge soaked in paint. If the stencil is adhered tightly to the surface, you will not have problems with «spades» beyond the scope of the pattern. Nevertheless, we recommend to apply paint accurately and smoothly. Since the brush may accidentally slip into the scope of the pattern, stencil, it is best to use spongy — so the edges of the pattern to be clear, and the paint is applied evenly.

Step 4. Apply the paint in several layers. In order paint had a desired tone, use a paper plate to mix colors and get rid of the remnants of paint on the brush or sponge.
Just like an ordinary staircase became an original accent in the interior of the house. If next to the stairs, you have a piece of furniture or decor, take care of the compatibility of the selected paint colors home accessories.