How to choose wallpaper for the red kitchen

Energetic and passionate natures tend to bright pure colors, arousing deep feelings. But how to choose the wallpaper for the red kitchen to emphasize the headsets and avoid the emotional overload? Create a harmonious design, even for such a powerful colors will help a professional advice.

Red gamma
The most powerful emotional charge has a pure red color. Its shades tending light pink, as the saturation of white, becoming peaceful and calm nature. Adding gray and black droplets thicken and land color, turning it into wood and ground shades that are great for decoration of flooring, furniture, the different accents.
Acrid shades like magenta, alone hurt the eyes when the room is filled with large fragments. But they create a gay defiant mood, rippling thin lines on a smooth light background. In this case, it is quite possible to arrange a number of strands of cyanogen and lush greenery. Fluorescent accents can make the interior in a strictly metered quantity.

Red headsets
Kitchen red colors can have different dominant elements. One of them can be set. Depending on the style, the color and texture of the facades will change. For country and classic is suitable dark red wood, purple and maroon colors.

Subdued gloss emphasize the nobility of style. In this case, the wallpaper is selected in bright colors. Preferably they should not have a picture. Allowed monophonic or fine print. With red set will well blend creamy dairy shades, beige, pearl gray, steel, black and red brown, chocolate shades.
If a reasonable approach you can pick up and a combination of red and green. As a mitigating color you can take wood shades such as lime or pine.
The walls of the small kitchen overlooking the northern side of the house can be designed in shades of yellow.

Yet the classic style can be considered a combination of red and white facade walls that evoke the pattern of strawberries and cream.
Can I pick up a red headset to the red wallpaper? It is possible, when your kitchen occupies a spacious room. In doing so, it is desirable to choose wallpaper with a large white print.

Red walls
Kitchen in red colors may be framed by scarlet, pink, burgundy and purple walls. In this case, the wallpaper is selected using the furniture. The lighter furniture, the darker and more juicy can be walls.
On the spacious kitchen headsets can be supported with photo wallpapers in the red spectrum. At that accent wall does not have to compete with facades.
To ensure a balance can be white inserts on the walls and dark dining room furniture.

Bright color may eventually cause stress. Therefore it is desirable to select the wallpaper of tranquil tones, and the headset base order in neutral colors, so that if something could be painless for the budget to replace or repaint the facade. In this case, constantly experimenting with design, dispensing small means.