How to choose a sofa and fit it into the interior.

Of all the furniture in the house sofas, perhaps, bear the greatest emotional burden: they are expensive, massive and affect all that is in the room. The basis of their design has hardly changed in the last hundred years. Most modern models are only a variation of the classic forms. To select a suitable sofa, you should understand how they differ from each other.
One rule, which is to adhere to, — do not skimp in the shop of upholstered furniture. You should spend as much as possible on the sofa. A quality sofa will last a lifetime. Many cheap sofas from catalogs are inflated as on steroids, they are cumbersome and tasteless. But, more importantly, they are poorly made and will be ruined, and will be in a landfill sooner than expensive or made to order ones.

Quality is expressed in beauty and convenience. When the last time you fell into a large piece of foam or have them bundled? It is foam which is in the cheap sofa, while the ideal content — is a lightweight down (for softness), inside of which can be a thin layer of foam for better shape retention. The next time you see a sample of upholstered furniture, pay attention to the edge of the sofa cushions. If it is a high quality sofa, the line will look like a hand-painted, and not created with straight razor machines, indicating a thick piece of foam.

The main types of sofas and their benefits

Sofa without armrests, elongated brother of a fireplace chair (the hallmark of which was padding that covered all the wooden parts and allowing women to wear stockings without risking to catch them).
Advantages: suitable for cramped rooms. Able to accommodate a lot of people. Although it may seem as if the cushions are removable, they are integrated into the design and do not move out.

Strict image from the 1920s, it is equipped with a curled armrests with a height flush with the back.
Advantages: rich decoration balances typical formlessness inherent to sofas. High bead promote informal conversation. Sofa in the leather disposes to more noisy communication, in velvet it looks more elegant.

English sofa
A classic English sofa of era of the 1820s. Very low and deep seat with removable cushions and padded headboard.
Advantages: perfect for relaxing and socializing, you can sit with your legs tucked. It has an unassuming everyday look.

With low-rollers armrests and high back, it has the most daily look. It is often equipped with ruffles on the bottom edge and removable cushions for the seat and backrest.
Advantages: easy to use, with covers that are easy to clean.

Named after the fashionable New York district of Tuxedo Park. High straight armrests and back at the same level. Generally, all cushions are removable . A favorite sofa of Billy Baldwin, all the improved models came from Tuxedo.
Advantages: Can easily fit in modern and classic interiors, wonderfully supports the mixture of styles. Remove the cushions from the back — and you get an extra bed.