HOW TO BUILD A BED Ideas. How to make the bed with your own hands.

Working of boards
We begin with the working of boards with a plane. In this work I used the boards width of 50 mm, so I had to whittle them long enough. After leveling the surface of the board with a width of 50 mm was reduced to 40 mm. However, if you have the opportunity to acquire the board width 40 mm — it is easier, of course, will use them. However, alignment with electroplane is necessary in any case, since the boards often sold in construction materials shops require additional processing.
Next with electroplane treat a piece of timber, designed for the legs of the bed.

Sawing of components of the bed
We calculate the size taking into account the size of the mattress purchased in advance, its size is 1600 * 2000 mm.

We have:
• 2 boards of 2080 mm (note, this laid the width of the board, because inside the box should be 1600 * 2000 mm);
• 1 board length 1600 mm (rear board is placed between the side that cuts the tree went to the wall);
• 1 board length 1680 mm (front board is considering the angular sections Figure 1.)
• 4 feet by 30 cm each.
The bevel on the front panel make 45 degrees on a square. Mark up, scrollsaw exactly hacksaw. If you get a curve, a plane aligned (manual convenient).
Thus, the frame is ready — in front there is the most difficult! Bed according to the rules is done on the corners to obtain a perfect square shape. In our design the role of the corners have legs.
Saw the bar into 4 feet of 30 cm. Then perform markup, mark on each leg the middle, using area! It turns prominent side feet (15 cm) and sight (15 cm).
Then cut out each leg angle to 4 cm (width of the board) to lay down in this groove boards. In the example shown right leg closest to you if you’re standing face to the bed.

Grinding wood
Next comes the stage of grinding wood. Take the flat grinding machine, dress net 8 and begin to grind. I advise you to carefully grind sharp corners, for your comfort. Be sure to wear a dust mask or a protective bandage, as a rule, when grinding in the air a cloud of fine sawdust.

Building construction
Proceed to building of the bed. Twist the construction with the screws. Level with legs fastened inside the bar, to support the bottom of the rack (the so-called stiffeners under the mattress). Fasten two iron plates to support the middle rack, do not forget to mention exactly middle.

We put back fiberboard to back beam bed, we catch it across the bottom screws to be able to slightly bend the beam and paste leatherette fabric. Paving the foam: it is necessary to strengthen the lower edge (pinching between the board and fiberboard not necessarily mattress will bulge and will cover the bottom of the back), leaving little to the inversion. Then, stretch the top, after the pressed from the inside leather. Attach the headboard start from the bottom. Fixing the lower part, pulls leatherette and secured his rear staple gun for scrapie.
Then, the rear side of the back cover sheet of plywood, smaller in size. Fastened it short screws with wide hat.