How to arrange things on shelves and racks

Keep balance
Harmony or its absence is felt at the first sight on the open shelves of the rack. With a large variety of decorative things you can accidentally break the rules of the relation of sizes and shapes of decorative objects. Therefore, in order to avoid visual dissonance, decorations should be placed so that large and small, wide and narrow, low and high objects evenly alternated in the space of shelves.
For example, near a large volume encyclopedia put an elegant vase and next to the high and narrow statuette arrange a neat stack of books. Remember, the composition of the subjects should look uniform and proportionate.

Use the laws of symmetry
The left side of the rack is required to be visually balanced by the right, and vice versa, and a large decorative object, for example, in the lower right corner, should be complemented by a group of small objects — in the upper left.
So, in a few words explain the essence of symmetry as the reception of composite solutions. In other words, the shelves should be placed close to the size, color and shape of decorative objects, then the composition consisting of them looks complete, and produces a very positive impression.

Know the measure
You should not clutter the shelves across the surface of the area, so you will create a sense of chaos and beautiful stylish things get lost in the background of neutral and faceless knickknacks.
What you need to do — is to fill a rack or shelf decor only 70%, leaving 30% free space.

Decorate according to the basic scheme
The colors used in the interior should provide you with decor of what colors should be placed in the foreground, and complete accessories in a neutral tone. But, in any case, do not use more than two or three colors for pottery, figurines, frames with photos and other things, otherwise it could lead to disharmony.

Look at the color of the furniture, pay attention to the pattern of the carpet or curtains, and then use derivatives shades in the decor.
Important: If you are using versatile interior decorative items, it is better to establish a concise form the stack of neutral colors (white, ivory, light gray, black). Other shades shelves should be combined at the same time and with the environment, and with decorative things, such as: Wooden pallets — brown (red, red, gold) decor, wooden furniture.

Do not overfill the top shelves
When things are arranged on shelves up to the very top, at the same time overweight and bulky items are set above the horizon, there is a very painful sensation as if something presses on you from above.
This is due to the shortsightedness of the unit and lack of attention to the organization of objects in space. Know that all fragile, elegant and bright decorative objects should be placed at eye level and above, respectively, that are bulky and heavy (large vases, books) is better placed on the lower shelves.