Curtains occupy a very important place in the decor of any room. Often without them room looks empty and unfinished. Who uses all sorts of options curtains — plain, colored, striped, plaid, combination of several materials and colors, black, white. We would like to talk about how to use it white curtains, as they are, in our opinion, are the most simple and effective option window decorations, they are suitable for any style and always look stylish and elegant.

Advantages of the white curtains:
• Due to the white curtains, even the dark and gloomy room will become much brighter;
• If the eaves with curtains set up to 40-50 cm. From the window, you can draw great visual ceiling height, or if the height does not allow to fix them so high, just install the cornice on the ceiling;
• In a room with white curtains will not be so stuffy on a sunny day, in comparison with other shades of colors, as we know, the white fabric does not heat up as much as textiles other colors;
• The white curtains make certain solemnity and elegance in the interior.

White curtains in the bedroom
Bedroom — a place of solitude and rest, so pure white or sweet milk will be the perfect backdrop for the solution of these two problems. Do not be afraid that using white curtains give the impression wards, believe me, properly fitted white curtains look luxurious.
Also, a big plus of white curtains is their ability of light transmission. That is, even if you have heavy curtains tight and you close them completely, the window will still be let in the light, and it’s so important in small bedrooms.
Tip: If you have a very small bedroom, we recommend a wall with windows completely hang white tulle or curtains, wall to wall, floor to ceiling. So you add a few meters (visual, of course).

White curtains in the living room
Painfully pall word «successful», but can not be helped, since it is the truth. And in the living room white curtains look very well. And all because with their help, you can add luxury, if you hang tight white tulle, tightly draped windows.
Or the opposite — get a neutral effect, if you hang thick linen curtains, in which case they are very versatile and fit into even the most unexpected interior.
This applies to any premises — if you hang curtains and you still think that the room is like a hospital or Palace of Pioneers — add bright accents. Paintings, photographs, colored pillows, colorful carpet. So you brighten excessive strictness white.

White curtains in the dining room
Dining room or dining area with white curtains, is very cozy, bright and disposes to a pleasant dinner, and after that, and the conversation. Typically, in this part of the house or apartment is a lot of windows. We advise them to white tulle drape chiffon whether flax. The dining room will a beautiful and elegant, but if it gets stuffy, you will open the curtains and open house «eyes».

Remember the important point — with white curtains need to be careful in the selection of the material, since the choice of white tyuley and curtains is great, but not all of them will look luxurious. Do not skimp on the cost of the curtains as soon as the material of high quality to allow achieve the effect of a thin veil, or veil of the bride. Poor quality white tulle is ugly gleam.