House with your own hands: how to build cheap housing — original ideas with a budget of a few hundred dollars.

Scientists say with confidence that soon the construction of houses will be fully automated. In particular, the American professor Berok Hoshnevis developed a 3D printer that is able to build a house of 250 sq.m. for one day only. A team of Moldova builders is not in a position to press in similar line.
Questions of affordable housing are becoming more acute and discussed. Several years ago, was organized a special contest, which purpose was to attract professionals to the problem of housing in the regions where this problem is the most acute. The price of a new house was limited to three hundred dollars, not counting the cost of land. Dozens of architects and experts from around the world began to share the ideas of extremely low-cost housing constructions.

On its plans to develop the construction of houses in an area of 20 meters a few years ago said one Indian industrial group. It had already became famous for production of cars, costing about $ 2,500.

For the basis of the building saving company has took the usage of cheaper materials. In particular, for walls, they proposed to use jute or coir. Despite this, the lifetime of extremely cheap coconut house is estimated at twenty years. Not every house full-budget house can give such a guarantee.
In addition, developers have taken care of a more spacious version of economical housing. True, there is a little change in price lists.
Thousand of fazool is also a low price for a new house. Creating such a structure is the goal of the program The 1K House, which operated under the auspices of the University of Massachusetts. Its site contains more than a dozen of different projects from a variety of materials, including brick houses in rural areas in China.

During the construction of lovely brick houses, all is designed so as to keep within the specified budget. But … theoretically. Let’s say for the tsunami-affected areas of Japan, the designers have thought a house worth $ 10 000 for the object, and so that it is a very inexpensive option.

These projects have already been put into practice with the help of the bright minds of this world. And if you can not yet afford a new house for 5 million as Leonardo Di Caprio — don’t be sad. Maybe a couple of hundred fazool will suffice to note housewarming.

The human mind has no boundaries. Houses are built of coconut, printed on a printer … what next? Maybe soon on our planet there will be no homeless? Of course if we will not destroy the Earth itself.