HOUSE SHUTTERS IDEA. Shutters for the country house.

Doing whatever it was «antique» has always been a fashionable pastime. But today the fashion is drawing your country house retro. One of the essential attributes in this case are shutters.
More recently, the shutters were archaic curiosity, but now there has been interest in them among gardeners who want to design your country house original way. Also as a matter of decoration, shutters can also serve as a protection against uninvited guests and chilly winds.

• The design of the shutters can be very different. It will all depend on your goals pursued. But there will be a question only of the classics, which began swinging shutters. There are several options and this decision.

• If you want shutters not only decorate their cottages, but also protect it from thieves, then the shutters have to be strong. Shutters can be made from both wood and metal, then the choice is yours.

• It is very important factor is the combination of the shutter with himself home. You agree that if you have a house of stone, then it is somehow strange if shutters will look like carved wood. Also, if you have a small house modestly, it is not necessary to decorate it very expensive products.
Shutters for the country house: what you need to know
What do you need to make your shutters strong and reliable? Firstly, it is a high quality material from which they will be made. Wood or metal — that’s not important, the main thing — that the material is strong and fully fit for purpose. Accessories must also be of high quality.

• Strong hinges should not miss sagging, and a strong lock must be securely locked. In addition, the shutters must be properly hung at an angle. It is better to invite a specialist, if you do not feel a certain abilities.

• In fact, the production of the shutter is not so difficult, requires more skills. They can produce and lover, if you put some effort.
Before the man who chooses the shutter, always raises the question: how to be shut shutters? There are two options — inside and out. It is clear that if you want to best protect your country house, then you may prefer the second option will be. Shutters open locked from the inside will not be easy.
But there is a choice of a first embodiment, provided that the shutters will be reliable is hung constipation. However, in this case, it will be somewhat impaired aesthetic aspect. Selecting the option is yours. There is also a non-traditional solution to this dilemma — you put the shutters inside. This, of course, a variant of the controversial …