House Pooja Room Door Design

There is no more favorable time to consider all rules to Vast, than a stage of preparation for construction and repair of rooms. At this stage it is much simpler to minimize, or at all to nullify influence of negative energy on the house. Moreover, whatever was the volume of capital investments, labor costs, time and the other resources necessary for construction and repair of housing, without firm natural laws all this becomes absolutely senseless. Despite distinction in opportunities, each of us dreams to have the house in which we would live the quiet, successful and sated with good and love life.

Many centuries were developed ago practical ways which allow not only to increase intensity of power of the house, but also to release other force which can protect the person from chronic misfortunes, financial troubles, diseases, sufferings in private life. Perhaps, the greatest of science gifts Vasta to mankind is detection of this force. And therefore we have all reasons to feel profound gratitude to the great Indian wise men who opened to the world this invaluable knowledge.

When developing the plan of the apartment, or house the principles should follow accurately Vast, otherwise it is necessary to face serious problems in life which, though will prove not at once, but will bring many troubles and sufferings. Stay in your dwelling comfortable can help not make Vasta, but also prevent diseases and other dangers from invasion into your life. In this article very important recommendations to Vast concerning rules of development of the plan of the apartment are made. The same principles can be applied also to the plan of the house. Use them to make the life happier and safe. If you already have a real estate, apply these principles in case of need to change functionality of the existing rooms.

According to Vast, the bedroom of owners has to be in a southwest corner of the house. If the house has more than one floor, then a bedroom of owners has to be on the most top floor.

The nursery has to be in a northwest corner.

The bathroom can settle down in any sector, except southwest and southeast. The toilet can never be placed in the northeast.

The drawing room has to settle down in the northwest, and also in the south, or the West.

The northeast sector in the apartment has to be most open.

The kitchen has to be located in the sector of fire, i.e. in the southeast. The cook at the same time has to face on the East. A sink – in a northeast corner, the refrigerator – in northwest. The garbage can has to be always closed and be in a southwest corner.

Northeast, northwest, northern, western, east sector are the best for the room for occupations. If this room has an adjacent wall with the room for a pooja, it is considered the most favorable.

The best place for the storeroom – the southern sector.

The room for guests has to be in the northwest sector. In the same sector it is possible to locate the room for girls.

Entrance doors have to be in the north, or the East and have to be more interroom. All doors have to open inside.

Rooms in a northern part of the house have to be big, than rooms in the southern part 15-25 centimeters below. Ideal height House Pooja Room Door Design is 3.6 – 4.2 m.