House Pooja Room Design

In the Indian tradition in each house has to be a room for a pooja. This place where you can meditate, relax, reflect, or just have a rest. In the conditions of modern rooms this requirement to execute quite difficult, however, nevertheless, it is necessary to follow certain rules at placement of the place for an altar, icons, or other objects of worship. In this case you will feel fresh, your thoughts will not be separate and wandering, and your attention will be concentrated. And that the most important, power in house will be pure and positive.

The northeast sector is the best place for placement of an altar, or the room for a pooja. The following on the importance are northern and east sector. Other directions should be avoided.

According to House Pooja Room Design, doors and windows in the room for a pooja have to exit to the North, or the East. And, doors have to be double-wing. It is desirable to have the fan in this room.

Color of walls in the room has to be white, light yellow or bright blue.

It is desirable to have plants (window plants, trees) in this room. And the best such plant is Tulasi’s tree. Legends say that wearing the beads made of Tulasi’s wood will get rid of many diseases, using of leaves will recover you from cancer. Thanks to power and Tulasi Davy’s favor, many vital problems are nullified. Tulasi’s worship is so powerful process that just watering it or bypassing around, the person can get rid of the gravest sins.

It is impossible to store money in this room.

The altar has to be in a northeast part of the room, but not opposite to door. Icons, or other ritual objects should not adjoin among themselves and have to be at the distance of at least 2-3 cm. There should not be together standing two images of the same deity. They should not be directed to the North and the South.