House Plans In Lagos Nigeria

Do you want to fill the apartment with bright paints and interesting patterns? Choose the African style in an interior. You will be able to use a set of interesting receptions which will change your apartment to unrecognizability. But to create an interior in the House Plans In Lagos Nigeria it is difficult: many forces and sense of proportion will be required. If you overload the apartment with numerous accessories and a saturation of ornaments, it will be difficult to have a rest in this room.

One more unconditional plus of the African style is that ethnic interiors never get out of fashion. And repair in your apartment will be equally urgent that today that in several years.

Africa is a very big continent in the territory of which there lives the great number of the different people. Each of them has traditions and customs, each culture is unique. To contain all what their lives Africa in one interior, it is impossible. For this reason designers marked out the main lines characteristic of the general African style.

The Moroccan and Egyptian styles also fit the general definition of the African style. But nevertheless each of them has the features.

For creating an interior in the general African style you need to connect all characteristic features in design, without leaving in particular.

It should be noted that this original and expressional style is filled with dynamics. Natural materials and simple forms, bright colors and a set of reminders on animals are characteristic of it. Interiors in the African style are penetrated by brightness and contrast, heat of the desert and flowers setting the sun.

Style of this interior reflects the area in which it appeared. Primary colors of the African style: shades brown, yellow, grassy, swampy green, brick and terracotta.

Often found combination characteristics of the African style are mix black, yellow and red, reminding of sun roast and darkness of night, of the burning fires warming at night in the desert.

If you do not like too bright interiors with a large amount of red and black color, then use shades yellow and brown. You will suit any warm colors: saffron, amber, cinnamon, wood bark and burned sugar, baked milk and honey. Such shades not only will fill your house with sunlight and a coziness, but also will present fine associations. It is possible to dilute a bright interior by means of blue color a little.

Combinations of flowers can be contrast or colors can flow easily each other, but try that they looked naturally. Interiors have to be the most natural.

The African style assumes several different options of finishing. You can use wall-paper, fabric or paint, it is worth picking up the necessary invoice only. One of options of registration of an interior — use of a light helmet for finishing of walls. The interesting ornament with the image of animal or any other typical African drawings will help to emphasize style.

A wide choice of wall-paper will allow you to paint walls in the interesting print imitating leather of reptiles or a skin of animals. Pay attention and to plaster which will help to give to walls the necessary invoice. The technician crackle, creating effect of artificial cracking of materials, will be reminded by the pattern of the dried-up earth reminding of hot Africa.