House Plan Design North Facing.

Competent House Plan Design North Facing on parts of the world is necessary not only to follow rules of insolation of inhabited and non-residential premises, but also to avoid excess heat losses and to save on electricity. Except intensive warming up of the room by a natural way – sunshine during the summer and winter periods, concerning parts of the world determine also a wind rose.

Internal planning of the two-storied house is done so that along a northern wall must be located economic rooms, a storage zone, a garage. Living rooms receive additional protection against cooling and drafts. And it is possible not to spend too much energy for heating of economic extensions. As for insolation, the North side is in loss there. It is considered that the Southern side is the most solar, east side will be more preferable to a residential zone, and then western.

Other living rooms have indoors according to requirements and preferences of owners.

It is the best of all to locate various technical and utility rooms, uninhabited zones from North side. If the project and planning of the house provides existence of a garage, then it will be more expedient to be placed with a northern wall.

The boiler room, storage zones, heated and cool (for example, for storage of products, vegetables, house preservation) will be also admissible rooms from the North. Some plannings allow placement from North side of bathrooms without natural lighting.

The northeast is the best direction for placement for kitchen. The bathroom can also be focused in this direction. There will be the best of all places for a porch, a door, the platform. In the house at this wall it is also possible to locate the economic heated rooms (laundry, economic, inventory), a workshop.

East wall of the house it is the second direction for popularity, after the South. Here it is possible to place the most part of the general rooms. In total as for sport, the pool or the gym will perfectly get accustomed at east wall, for example.

For people larks, and also those who do manual work or lead very much active lifestyle east part of the house will become the beautiful place for placement of a bedroom. It will be convenient to use the wardrobe room as natural lighting will be enough, and at the same time the bright sun will not promote fading of clothes.

The South side of the house is intended for the general rooms where the family in full strength spends the most part of time.

The western direction is considered not the most favorable, however unlike northern, this wall of the house seldom becomes absolutely deaf. Storerooms, corridors and ladders feel not bad on West side. On West side it is possible to arrange also a bathroom with natural lighting, however, most likely, it will be rather cool room.