House Plan Design For 1300 Sq Ft.

Existence of House Plan Design For 1300 Sq Ft testifies to a solvency of its owner, to a certain status. Besides the private house is an opportunity to design it at discretion, having allocated to living rooms a certain place in the house and to carefully think over their design.

If it is about a drawing room, then this room is available to a public inspection as exactly here welcome guests, meet friends, and the family gathers in the evenings and day off.

The room is faced by several tasks: to be in a family way to cozy, interesting guests and to correspond to the general design of a cottage, lifestyle of its inhabitants. We offer the review of the most successful and interesting design decisions in registration of a drawing room. And unwritten rules will be useful at the choice and the organization of the room.

It is worth treating the choice of the room seriously, and the drawing room interior in a cottage has to be thought over and developed to trifles.

  • Under a drawing room the biggest room is allocated.
  • Whenever possible it has to be square or at least not long and not extended. And the ratio of length and width of the room to be ergonomic.
  • In a square drawing room the principles zoning will be simpler to be applied.
  • The drawing room has to be light therefore and it has to be at least couple of big windows.
  • You should not encumber the room. Ideally a half of space has to be free. Therefore transfer cases with ware, table textiles to other place.

Trifles in registration of an interior do not happen.

The fireplace – that piece of furniture which it is possible and needs to be built in a cottage. And already around it to build another situation.

If the room very spacious, it is worth thinking over an interior so that depending on circumstances to allocate only one or several zones. Then to guests irrespective of their quantity it will be cozy always.

Allocation of zones perhaps various receptions:

  • by means of several sources of lighting;
  • furniture arrangement;
  • by means of various interroom partitions;
  • using of various color scale or the invoice in finishing;
  • Combination of various styles provided that it will be harmonious.

Use neutral scale in finishing. Then it will be possible to enter any interior in it from modern to an empire style. And decor objects it is always simpler to change furniture upholstery, textiles, than to anew do a renovation.