House Plan Design 800 Sq Ft

Arrangement of such secluded silent «island» demands a little more efforts, than the city apartment. Requirements to interior design of a country house are a little higher as it is necessary to think over and simulate the general project which will include both design of internal inhabited space, and a facade, and the general design of the site and house, and also registration of additional constructions and even a view of the land plot.

In similar design of House Plan Design 800 Sq Ft the attention is paid to each detail, it is important to reflect character of family members, their identity and traditions. The coziness and comfort of the house will help to create those objects which are valuable and expensive to a family. Family portraits or just photos which it is possible to arrange on the shelf or over a fireplace can become such home decoration. Ancient porcelain or ceramic figurines of the grandmother or great-grandmother can be objects of a decor. If there are no those, then use any decor which will be lovely to your heart and will give you coziness in the house.

The fireplace will be the excellent design decision in a country house, it held a firm place in country life recently. It is pleasant to esteem in the winter cold evenings at a fireplace, being heated by its heat and a cup of fragrant tea or just to lie down, watching flame uvulas. Of course, the fireplace can be not present, and just imitation or artificial.
There is an option of creation of the certain room with a fireplace which and is called — chimney. Here you can relax, reject completely all excess thoughts and come off daily cares.

Big windows, from a ceiling to a floor, can also become the refined solution of design of a country house.

It is possible to build in addition the pool, the billiard, children’s entertaining room where there will be a set of horizontal bars, a swing and everything that is necessary for rest and games of children. And, above all and distinctive advantage that it is possible not only to plan all rooms to the taste and a discretion but also to give to each of them the size which will suit you. So, for example, it is possible to make kitchen, the dining room such that it was not necessary to huddle in them as in room, and to feel there comfortably and with convenience. To put a huge table to the dining room where with pleasure it is possible to invite many guests, or it is so much household appliances on kitchen how many for you it is necessary, without worrying about that, to be located or not.