House Plan Design 700 Sq Ft In India.

The country house is a dream of any resident of the big city, gas-polluted air, constant noise and a large number of people on the street, very quickly exhaust the person. To have a rest fully in the apartment, too not always it turns out as neighbors from above, from below or with a side will surely have an effect. But the most important – is absent the nature and clean air, such state of affairs does not give to the person of true rest and a complete recovery of forces. On it many people, upon termination of labor week, since early spring and finishing late fall, direct to the country closer to silence, serenity and clean air. But to the experienced city dweller, there is not always comfortably without city conveniences and beautiful registration, for this reason an interior of a country house as well as apartments, it is necessary to think over to the smallest details. But at arrangement of the house of course there is a task to create the coziest and favorable situation for rest.

Today in article we will talk about how to turn the house into the place where it is possible to taste all charm of country life on the present.

There is a set of nuances which distinguish creation of interior design of a country house, from drawing up design of the apartment.

Choice of stylistics

The great value, at the choice of style for an interior of a country house, has material of which it is constructed. The materials, forms and color registration are characteristic of various styles. On it that, for example in the wooden house built from logs is more expedient and simpler to realize style of a country, a chalet or a rustic. For which just presence of timbered walls is welcomed. It also simplifies a task of registration of internal furniture, it is not necessary to plaster or paste over walls with wall-paper, it is enough to paint of them in necessary colors or at all to cover with a transparent varnish.

And here in the houses built from a brick, concrete panels, foam concrete blocks or other similar materials quite really to realize styles hi-tech, a modernist style and etc. – but whether on the other hand they are necessary in the country. Will be to create a situation of the French Provence far more pertinently – to which stone walls are quite natural. Country life does without modern counters of a modern civilization, simplicity and serenity reign here. But it is necessary to tell that it should not be deprived of thin sense of taste, than and

House Plan Design 700 Sq Ft In India style is famous.