House Interior Design Sri Lanka

The style of an interior loved by residents of Sri Lanka differs in unique color and the exotic inherent in the countries which are near the equator. First of all in Lankan interiors the abundance of a natural wood and color accents attract attention. Here you will not notice the bright shouting paints and violence of a decor, on the contrary, the general atmosphere of an interior disposes to good quiet rest and tranquility.

Not without reason this island from all directions surrounded with the Indian Ocean was chosen in due time for family rest by an imperial family and the Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Flora and fauna are very different here in this connection the authentic interior in House Interior Design Sri Lanka cannot be presented without live plants and skins of animals.

What is necessary to designate interior belonging to colonial style? Abundance of the natural wood of the most dark shade plus massive stone floors with effect of a patina.

Expressive accents of a colonial situation are the decorative elements executed in technology of forging art. Lamps, handrail, door handles with shod elements in a complex promote formation in an interior of the exotic equatorial atmosphere. What kind of walls has to be in colonial style?

Over these questions you should not think seriously. Roughly plastered walls of white and beige tones will turn your house into a small country house where you fill the Indian Ocean behind the window. Also do not trifle time, inventing eccentric registration of a ceiling. It is enough to be decorated with the beams made of the same material which the basic ceiling spaces are decorated. Female residents of Sri Lanka love bright colors therefore here you will surprise nobody with turquoise, bright green and red accents. Even brides on Sri Lanka on the most gala day of the new life put on dresses of the purple color symbolizing happiness.

To create original solemnity of the colonial house in an interior, it is only enough to apply a couple of bright color accents which can be, for example, homespun turquoise cloth or a red cover. The soft fabric lamp shade and classical British furniture with elements from natural gunny serve as irreplaceable assistants in the course of creation an interior in the spirit of the English colonies. The decor of windows also differs in tranquility and greatness. If you have a big panoramic window in all height of a wall in the house, work to leave on it terracotta curtains with magnificent gloss of natural silk. Such curtains will reliably protect your dwelling from excessive sunshine at hot noon.

But if the window in your house does not differ in big dimensions, then the Roman curtains and blinds from natural leaves and stalks of a bamboo will be just an optimal variant. Not the last role in colonial interiors, both the past, and the future, is played by the suspended ceiling fan. If in latitudes of subtropics in the fan there is a need as at the increased humidity conditioners do not save here, then at your place in a colonial interior the stylish ceiling fan with blades can be decoration of the room and the center of composition which should be noticed.