House Hunters International Hacienda Style In Historic Merida.

Hunting style of an interior and exterior of the house is very specific direction in design art. It is preferred by those people who pay special attention to natural materials, natural invoices and the general mood of such style. It is possible to reproduce the hunting direction in design in the apartment, but the small lodge will look especially effectively.

The necessary exterior can be reached, using as technology of construction a felling or designing from a bar. Such house from a natural log will look especially organically against the background of a forest landscape.

All elements of a design look very brutally and roughly. In it difference of such construction from others also consists. The raw tree and shod accessories become an integral part of this house. The massive door and sun blind combine decorative and practical functions.

Massive door with forged metal elements on it

One of features of a lodge in House Hunters International Hacienda Style In Historic Merida is high ceilings with open timbered beams. In such space small lamps will just be lost. Therefore it is worth selecting massive chandeliers from metal and also natural materials.

Drawing room in hunting style

Situation of a small hunting lodge

The fireplace will be a specific central element of such house. In a hunting interior of this room the real fireplace which gives to the room cozy heat and light is constructed. For the apartment it is better to use artificial analogs with fire imitation.

The real fireplace in a drawing room

The big space of the room is counterbalanced by massive furniture of bright color. Against the background of a brown tree red skin of upholstery looks especially effectively. Some aggression therefore objects of red and black color especially organically fit into an interior is inherent in such situation.

Fireplace in a hunting lodge

The carpet on a floor is designed to strengthen feeling of homeliness. All materials expressly natural:

  • skin;
  • wood;
  • stone;
  • wool;
  • bone and others.
  • Using of shod metal for masking of fastenings of furniture add color.

The dining room in the hunting house

In a bedroom the quilt in patchwork style organically looks. The objects made manually or those which imitate it are the best accessories for dressing of a hunting lodge. Desk lamps are made on the basis of the bone which was once horns of a large animal. Bedside tables look so as if they were collected quickly from fresh branches of trees. Everything moderately roughly and massive. Pictures on walls represent quiet forest landscapes, replacing with themselves a view from the window.

Bedroom in hunting style

The kitchen of a hunting lodge is supplied by all necessary and is quite modern. At the same time deliberately made old facades allow such furniture to fit into the general atmosphere. If there are also modern household appliances, then it is reliably covered in the depth of cases. The unusual design of the refrigerator and a plate with an extract became the successful design decision. Gilded registration adds chic and nobility to an interior. A floor in kitchen is also spread with a motley carpet which already became obligatory attribute of the cozy room.

Kitchen in hunting style

The house in hunting style is intended for rest in the distance from city bustle. Full-time residence in such situation will lead over time to the fact that the saturation will irritate with elements and flowers. Hunters to whom the situation is congenial will become devoted admirers of style nevertheless.

Felling in hunting style

At the same time any city dweller will not refuse to spend evenings near of comfortably burning fireplace behind the good book from time to time. Such rest will paint gray everyday life and will distract from daily cares.