House Elevation Design In Tamilnadu.

The House Elevation Design In Tamilnadu in an interior is an unique connection of simple forms and lines, modesty and even asceticism with a delicacy and a delicate taste. The design of the apartment or any other room is supplemented by objects from gold, a magnificent decor, the graceful inlaid and carved furniture.

The room issued in the Indian style is and national ornaments, rich invoices and magnificent drawings. It is often possible to see a similar interior at films or on a photo.

India attaches great value to spiritual aspect of life, religious concepts and objects make a basis of the ordered life. The house where the Indian design predominates, is surely sated with orange, crimson, turquoise shades. It is seldom possible to meet their tone in other places.

The pieces of furniture making an apartment interior are preferred to be chosen low and made with own hands from a strong wood tic. Beds and sofas have to be comfortable and soft, convenient for rest and dreaming.

The Indian house can have only three-four main pieces of furniture as a basis, but their choice needs to pay close attention. The home decoration made with own hands have to be combined according to the invoice, an orientation of style and it is obligatory on color.

The Indian style can be distinguished on a photo and on characteristic because pieces of furniture can easily be transformed. If it is necessary screens, doors, a sun blind, stools and tables can easily change the mission. The apartment decor surely has to contain elements from ivory in India, from tic, shod metal.

The interior in the Indian style consists of objects from nacre, brass, silver. The design often means decoration of rooms by multi-colored feathers. The house (or the room) corresponding to the Indian style is surely inlaid with bronze, silver, color stones.

The Indian modern design of the apartment has special accessories:

pictures where surely there are sketches from Buddha’s life;

the screens decorated with pictures or a photo of female figures;

the sculptures that have religious character (without them the Indian style is inconceivable);

figures of birds and animals from clay, color candles of different forms (usually the house in India is richly decorated by such bagatelles);

the ringing knickknacks suspended over a door or in a window opening (not less characteristic feature of the apartment trimmed in the Indian style);

hookah ;

flowers – live or made with own hands from the brightest natural materials.