House Elevation Design For Single Floor.

The first floor of the private house represents a convenient, ergonomic, multifunctional public zone. It can be the studio which is conditionally divided into several segments, or rooms with traditional planning – everything depends on features of an arrangement of an object, architectural nuances, illumination and preference of owners. As for design of the first floor, it has to reflect first of all lifestyle of owners of the house and history of a family. At the same time it is important that the House Elevation Design For Single Floor remained urgent as long as possible.

Respectable English classics, cozy Provence or laconic minimalism? Any style will be suitable for design for the first floor of the private house. The main thing is that it corresponded to the general concept of registration of housing and it was pleasant to all members of household.

Minimalism is one of the most popular modern styles in design of the first floor of a country house. Effective furniture of strict forms, natural shades and an original modern fireplace organically look against the background of panoramic windows, and lack of a small decor does a public zone of studio planning very spacious.

Elegant English classics is the best choice for a drawing room with the second light on the first floor of the private house. Convenient furniture in a gobelin upholstery, a fireplace in an environment of high book racks, the mirror expanding space in a refined frame and antiquarian clock on the chimney shelf create comfort indoors atmosphere.

The eclectic interior in light tones with bright accents, an unusual fireplace and minimalist furniture is ideal for a fashionable cottage. And it is possible to add to design of the first floor your «history» by means of family photos and books.

Lamps with light lamp shades and elements from color glass, gracefully curved ladder with a fantasy shod protection, a high mirror in an original frame — design of the first floor of a cottage in modernist style looks very elegantly. And LED illumination gives it modern sound.

It is difficult to name cozier interior style, than country. The wooden ceiling beams covered with decorative plaster of a wall shod lamps and textiles in brown, beige and olive tones create a coziness and give a pacification.

The light bay window with an exit to a terrace is perfectly suitable for placement of the dining room. The lunch group with a round table and soft chairs will look here best of all. And the streaming curtains and