House Elevation Design For Single Floor

In modern cottages planning of the first floor in the form of so-called studio is very often used. The spacious room combines in itself functions of a capacious drawing room, multitask kitchen and the comfortable dining room. Sometimes similar spaces adjoin to a hall or the hall without any protecting elements, increasing quantity of functional segments of all space of the first floor. Long ago there passed those times when studios could be seen only as a way of arrangement of city housing, in apartments of new planning or the remade inhabited spaces with remote partitions. The principle of use of open planning by drawing up a picture of an arrangement of functional zones within one spacious room involves both owners of apartments, and owners of private cottages, country households. Lack of partitions and doors between zones allows not only to keep a scope and freedom of movement between dwelling segments, but also to create really harmonious interior of the multipurpose room.

At arrangement of the room with open planning there are several ways of finishing of the room, selection of furniture and its arrangement, and also dressing of space and creation of accents. One of registration options is using of uniform finishing in all segments, preservation of the general color palette and using of accents in furniture and a decor for conditional zoning. It is one of the easiest ways of maintenance of a harmonious situation which allows not losing at the same time identity of each segment of the big room.

Basic element of creation of conditional zoning is furniture. Establishing an angular sofa, or having two such elements the friend opposite to the friend, you quite accurately outline recreation area borders. You can allocate a segment of a drawing room not only by means of upholstered furniture with picturesque upholstery, but also conditionally outline the site by means of a carpet. The same occurs in a table segment is the lunch group consisting of toilet and chairs become some kind of island and the only ensemble of a zone for meal. With a kitchen understand segment also simply. As a rule, the complete kitchen is built in one of corners of the room and can occupy both all length of a wall, and its part. Some ensembles are supplemented with the kitchen island for increase in systems of storage and working surfaces. Modern powerful extracts allow to make existence of a zone of cooking almost imperceptible from the point of view of distribution of smells and ashes for other functional segments of space of House Elevation Design For Single Floor.