House Designs Plans According To Vastu Shastra.

The principle is simple — the kitchen has to stimulate appetite and fire of digestion, a bedroom — to relax and calm, a drawing room — sociability and joy from meetings with guests, a bathroom — to removal of tension and clarification of a body as on physical, and emotional plans.

Vastu-shastra defines strictly square shape with right angles as the best for the house. It counterbalances influence of all parts of the world, planets, streams of energy.

However there are forms of houses without corners. In this case inhabitants of such dwelling need to know about possible consequences and imbalances in their life.

Lack of a northeast corner according to Vastu-shastra is the worst. In such house the number of women prevails over men’s including among children. And financial difficulties and poverty accompany his residents

Without a southeast corner the probability of quarrels and disagreements between the husband and the wife, problems and difficulties at children with study is high

There are no southwest, southern and/or southeast corners — there is also not good for health. The diseases bringing in the future to disability and restrictions of movements develop

Thefts pursue hosts without a northwest corner.

Let’s consider one of examples of planning of rooms and space of the real built house

House Designs Plans according To Vastu Shastra calls for some nuances:

It is constructed of gas-silicate blocks and a facing brick of yellow color, has many windows for natural penetration of a large amount sunlight

Has the duo-pitch roof covered with a turquoise tile;

The house has two floors, second floor is mansard;

The North-South-East-West is strictly focused on parts of the world, has strictly square shape.

The northwest square is a room for guests or female relatives. It is light thanks to big windows. This zone is patronized by the Moon, besides it is located to the left of an entrance

Northern Square is a hall

The northeast square contains the hall, it both a drawing room and the working room of the host. Under it buried with the water tank and the pump station which provide water supply to the house.

Therefore here is the room for the elderly family who comes to stay for a while. It operates by Saturn in the western square.

Central Square is empty.

East square consists of a bathroom and an altar.

There is a bedroom of owners in the southwest. This part copes the planet to Rakh, therefore it is the most dark room and made for rest

The southern square consists of a corridor and a toilet, a ladder on the second floor, the small utility room.

In the southeast located the kitchen, and a water-heating copper.

If you became interested to Vastu and dream to construct and plan the house under laws of this science, then read a Vastu-shastra, listen to lectures in open access or consult with the expert in this area. However you are quite capable to deal independently with all nuances for Vastu and to approach creatively the project of realization of the house of your dream.