House Design Worth 1 Million Philippines.

Country house – it is fine! And from the conventional and most banal dwelling it can be turned into cozy, stylish or magnificent own corner if to develop unique interior design.

What it is obligatory to consider when developing design of House Design Worth 1 Million Philippines ?

That the country house was really stylish and convenient for you, thinking over design of its interior, consider the next important points:

Arrangement. It will influence, first, lighting, secondly, on planning of the dwelling.

Personal preferences of inhabitants. If there are a lot of residents, then it will be not so simple to meet requirements of all. But if everyone has the room, then it is possible to consider that such problem will be solved.

Expectations, requirements and views of fashionable tendencies. Beginning repair of the house, everyone for certain represents what it has to be, at the same time considering own thoughts in this respect even if subconsciously. And your ideas have to influence planning, style and the general atmosphere of housing.

Arrangement of communications. They are usually laid at a construction stage, and to change their placement is quite problematic so it is necessary to make a start from what is.

Planning is important and quite difficult stage which directly will influence the general interior design. First of all, it is necessary to decide on an arrangement of all rooms, and it is necessary to place them so that it was convenient and comfortable everything.

Utilitarian rooms, such as bathroom and the dining room, usually approach communications, which are water pipes. And therefore it is desirable to think at once at their laying of planning, but it is possible not always (for example if the house was bought ready, then will change something very not easy).

At placement of other rooms it is also necessary to be more attentive. For example, in close proximity to an entrance and utilitarian rooms it is possible to arrange a drawing room. And here bedrooms and restrooms it is desirable to remove as much as possible (if there is the second floor, use it). All workers and the rooms (a drawing room, an office) which are often visited by residents it is desirable to have on well-lit side that sunshine got to them.

In a country house will be available for certain and technical zones, such as a laundry, the gym, the storeroom, a garage or even a boiler room. And so, it is the best of all to lower them on the first floor.

So, how to choose style that interior design not only was attractive, but also conformed to the main requirements of residents? For this purpose it is possible to study some styles, and for convenience they are divided into groups.

Reserved are also elegant styles:

  • Classics. Lines: quiet tone, laconic, but elegant finishing, simple furniture, average quantity of not striking accessories.
  • The English style is more interesting as finishing can be a little rich, but nevertheless not shouting. Furniture is also elegant: wooden or shod. Accessories can be antiquarian.