House Design Plans 50 Square Meter Lot

Owners of small one-room or two-room apartments often think: «Here the area to me is more, ceilings are higher and the house that was brick, here then I would make the best repair». But it is not necessary to be afraid of the small areas. Any apartment can be turned in fine and with taste the trimmed dwelling.

The small apartment, represents synthesis of modern design with ethnic elements. It gives special charm and shows how in the small-sized apartment, with a total area only 50 square meters it is possible to use optimum each square meter of the area and to receive convenient, functional rooms.

Quite often serious planning cannot just be made. Usually it is interfered by two reasons: essential material inputs or design features of the apartment. But also these problems can be avoided. For example, you can increase a drawing room due to accession of a loggia. Difficulties here usually are not enough. The most important will be – well to warm that space at the expense of which you broadened the room.

Competently placed furniture and home decoration will help you to keep necessary space. For example, open regiments from a ceiling to a floor will help you functionally and to economically organize premises. And use in an interior of light shades, mirrors and transparent elements will make the room is more spacious.

Lighting plays an important role in House Design Plans 50 Square Meter Lot too. By means of correctly picked up light you will be able to model room space, highlighting different details, racks.

The special attention was concentrated on synthesis of a drawing room and kitchen. The kitchen remained the certain room with an exit in a drawing room where the lunch zone and the TV is placed.

And nevertheless the most important is unloading of space by means of the correct storage of things. For this purpose there are two exits: to get rid of all superfluous or it is correct to use each square meter of the room.

In a bedroom the issue with furniture is interestingly resolved. The part of the room separated by a partition with a door was equipped under wardrobe. It allowed to exempt the area of a bedroom from excess furniture and to visually increase space.

And in a hall the sliding wardrobe with mirror facades which add light and volume to small space is established.

For increase in space the partition between a drawing room and a hall was removed.

The parquet floor perfectly fits into minimalistic design of the apartment and adds color to ascetic black-and-white scale of design. As a decor vases with branches and ethnic pictures of the different sizes are used.