House Design Pictures Pakistan

For creation of mood of the East it is not obligatory to remake all interior. It is possible to allocate several main elements inherent in the Arab houses. These are lancet arches, carpets, pillows, lighting. But we will consider in details all elements inherent in this style.

In the apartment it is better to issue only one room in Arab style. It is necessary to begin with a floor. In the East stone floors save people from a heat. In not so hot sides of the world it is necessary to stack under plates system of heat-insulated floor in order that in cold season the bottom of the room was not blown. Therefore it is possible just to lay all surface of wooden covering by one big carpet or several different sizes. Everything depends on the area of the room.

Cover walls with fabrics with east patterns. Preference should be given to dark colors of red, blue and green shades. The most suitable drawing of golden or yellow color. As option it is possible to use a list. The choice of wall-paper in shops allows to pick up the corresponding drawing and just to glue it. Only you remember that wall-paper has to be glued end-to-end.

Carpets on a wall will also be pertinent. Give preference to the choice of woolen and half-woolen products with the drawing corresponding to style and a background from dark shades of red. Such carpets have reasonable cost and will help to create the atmosphere of the East.

Lancet arches and columns are characteristic of the House Design Pictures Pakistan. It will help you with zoning of the big room. If the is room small, then it is possible to make just semi-columns or figured niches near windows or face walls.

The high ceiling will be decorated by beams and a list. More lower can be decorated with wall-paper with the small light geometrical drawing or simply plastered without using of the finishing filling that gives smoothness. In the Arab interior the invoice has great importance.

If you make out the room in the Arab style, then remove from it all chairs and also bulky cases, dining tables of standard height. These objects are alien to east people.

East interior hasn`t a lot of furniture. There are, first of all, big sofas and ottomans with a set of the diverse pillows. Tables are low, non-standard forms made of wood and decorated with incrustation. They are often similar to a big rating. It is accepted to sit at such tables on pillows.

If there are cases, then they easy, openwork. More often people on the east use for storage of things the niches in a wall closed by wooden doors with carved patterns.

There is a lot of lamps with different forms in the Arab interior. The main condition is lighting soft, yellowish, soft, it is rather even muffled. In a drawing room with high ceilings the shod chandelier has to predominate. Or it is possible to place a cluster of lamps with the openwork plafonds minted from bronze. A number of small sconces will find the place on walls.