House Design Pictures In Tamilnadu.

All of us know that India is famous for extremely delightful seasonings: a curry with spicy aroma, fennel with an obvious smell of anisic sunflower seeds, various «burning» spices on the basis of a carnation, caraway seeds, cardamom, laurel leaves, ginger and cinnamon. And each of the sounded seasonings, has the unique, bright aroma, and so, interior design in the Indian style, something reminds «a taste holiday», only in other embodiment — visual, and this is true, in its color registration, it is possible to track mixture of the aromas stated above obviously!

House Design Pictures In Tamilnadu, can quite be decorated in bright, tart colors: deep violet, heavy claret, easy blue, natural green, refined gold, delightful chocolate, solar yellow, unostentatious dairy, and also simple white.

The surface of walls can be covered with monophonic paint, warm sub tone, besides it is possible to use vinyl wall-paper with a thematic ornament on surfaces, and also textile wall-paper with imitation of expensive fabrics. It should be noted that in the Indian design, it is quite often possible to observe using of wooden facing, with the removed patterns or a florid carving.

Traditional Indian floor usually becomes covered by wood or a stone, respectively and in our thematic interior it is possible to use parquet, a laminate, a ceramic tile or marble. And it is successful to imitate the materials stated above, it is possible by means of 3D technology like a bulk floor which essence consists in selection of the image which then becomes covered with specially prepared mix.

In finishing of a bedroom it is possible to show the creative potential, to think up the wall image and to order a manual list or that is more valuable, to apply the image independently! Besides it is possible to go in easier way and try to find suitable photo wall-paper, with a thematic landscape. But anyway, even simple monophonic wall-paper (peach, amber, pink) will look excellently. The saturation to the room, will be given by bright textiles at windows and bed.

The bed can be made, both of a carved wood and from shod metal. However, other pieces of furniture can be in the same execution. Separately it would be desirable to note a case, the matter is that doors of thematic Indian cases are made as a window sun blind, i.e. they massive and decorated with carved elements and the drawn patterns.

The sliding screen will be an additional decoration of such bedroom. For most successfully fit of this screen into the general idea, it should be decorated by manual list, in the way of drawing thematic patterns.

In principle it is not difficult to recreate the Indian style in an interior, it is only enough to fill the made-out room with suitable, thematic elements, to sustain necessary color scale and then the serene atmosphere, with a crape of bright notes it will please all members of household and guests!