House Design Ideas For 100 Square Meter Lot

Even more often we want to come back to simplicity of traditions, the nature, we seek to create the fresh, atmospheric habitat for ourselves and the relatives. Probably, therefore in interior design of modern country houses rural styles enjoy the increasing popularity (a country, Provence), and also the latest trends are an Eco style and style of a chalet. Let’s look how it is possible to issue an interior of a country house in these styles by own hands

The interiors issued in style of a country or Provence will include traditional elements of rural life and traditions of the people in arrangement of the houses. Using of modern technologies and such materials as plastic and chrome is unusual for these styles. Are welcomed only natural and environmentally friendly finishing.

In the best way the country and Provence design fits into interiors of wooden country houses from logs or a bar. Rural finishing in combination with wooden walls and floors creates really rural charm in the room.

Color scale of styles of a country and Provence includes easy and warm natural colors: white, green, blue, gold, yellow, pink, shades of a wood, earth and stone. Furniture is chosen most often from a natural wood though wattled and shod elements too perfectly approach. Consider option of using of such really rural furnishings as: buffets, chests, rocking-chairs, benches, fireplaces. The integral element of a decor in style of a country or Provence are pottery (pots, figurines, decorative plateaus) and figured fabrics, including curtains, carpets, covers, cloths, napkins and so forth.

The Eco design became one of the last trends in registration of country houses. The modern person gains more and more understanding about importance of environment protection both for preservation of the nature, and for the health. In interiors it is expressed as follows:

  • Finishing materials – nontoxic, natural, it is desirable from quickly renewable sources (for example, the bamboo – very quickly grows); use of products of processing (as table-tops from concrete with a glass crumb); the choice of wall-paper and fabrics from the natural materials painted by paint on a water basis.
  • Technologies – safe in utilization, energy saving (toilet bowls and cranes with water economy function, solar batteries, energy saving lamps).
  • The minimalism – is shown in acquisition only of the necessary things; the minimum quantity of pieces of furniture and a decor in a house interior.
  • Open planning – reduction of number of partitions due to combination of kitchen with a drawing room, a bathroom with a bedroom, etc.
  • Natural colors – beige, brown, gray, gentle pastel tone, and also natural shades: pale green, turquoise, colors of a grass, water, stone, tree, soil.
  • The best decorative elements for country houses in style eco are houseplants, aquariums, decorative stones and a tremendous view from the window which is reached at the expense of big windows and glass walls.