Home Styles Built In 1900

In the nineties last century, in our country offers for individual country construction for the first time began to appear. To replace standard, author’s projects gradually came.

Era of formation of the market relations

With their emergence in the country private builders, enough large projects, ready to realization, appeared.

The creative workshops, architectural bureaus and the private companies beginning at that time the activity were engaged in design of houses and cottages.

Building of a premium class

In the nineties the elite segment setting then the tone to all country construction began to be formed. The elite architecture of the ninetieth was distinguished by grandiosity and pomposity. «New Russians» bought up huge sites in the country to whom built magnificent palaces. As a rule, it were floor buildings, from two floors and more, the occupying significant areas.

Sometimes Home Styles Built In 1900, functionality of such palaces was pushed the background, to please to their appearance and obligatory arrangement of so-called, communicative and leisure zones.

Fashion of the ninetieth years

The fashion of that time dictated construction of difficult designed structures with generous decorative finishing. Full mixture of styles reigned in construction of cottages of that time. Therefore in new constructions an excessive decor — the facades which had the difficult line, turrets on roofs of a peaked form and the spikes directed up also began to appear.

Fashionable tendencies concerned also interiors

The good form was to have a fireplace and a separate billiard room.

Obligatory attribute of houses of times of the ninetieth, the house video hall, by analogy with video salons fashionable at that time was. Besides, palaces were inconceivable without own pool in the house.

With finishing too especially did not save, raising at the most expensive materials in the Soviet traditions: if floors, then only marble or granite, if chandeliers, then only import crystal.

How interior design was formed?

Most often spontaneously, under the influence of esthetic representations of the owner. Then very few people thought of functionality, for example, that the billiard room is used only several days in a year, and the indoor pool does not justify him care products at all.

Look from positions of today

Owners of such cottages were the real burners of budgets. Irrationality of houses is evident. Bolshaya Square included an impressive guest zone + rooms for guests. Today for them the separate guest lodge in the territory of the site is even more often taken away.

The good part of Home Styles Built In 1900 years and remained an unfinished construction, for example, as this building of 1995, within the city of Sergiyev Posad.

They are easily recognized outside, and today, among buyers, these grandiose structures are practically not in demand.

Building house-keeper of a class

If the elite architecture applied for any artistry in exteriors, then the budgetary construction, in principle, did not set such task for itself. The impressive area of construction was regarded as of paramount importance: after the close city apartment, its inhabitants wanted original scope.

This subject was nearly on the last place, and it was other extreme in country construction of an era of the ninetieth. About any design approach, it is not necessary to speak, in principle. Square houses were built from concrete blocks, or from a brick.

Outside gray constructions are so faceless that there is nothing to be hooked to a look. These primitive houses boxes remind bunkers from similarity with which they are not saved even by the revetted facades. Neither externally, nor internally, such houses have no identity, and do not reflect in anything character of their owners.

Houses of the ninetieth years today

Thanks to emergence of interesting projects in country construction and to modern preferences of builders, constructions of the ninetieth morally became outdated, both in the esthetic relation, and in respect of interior and planning solutions.

Nevertheless, from the moment of construction of these buildings there passed not enough time to talk about their full replacement. Many use such houses which kept the anatomy and the principle of zoning.

The reasons are simple: someone just has no funds for renovation, and the existing planning quite arranges others.

Domestic school of design of low housing construction at the present stage

It is possible to claim safely that it is in the beginning of the development in spite of the fact that the first prerequisites to its emergence appeared nearly 25 years ago.

Today architects-designers create powerful base in order that everyone could choose the suitable project of the future cozy family nest on the country site.

New – well forgotten old, or continuity of times

Domestic projects are directed to connection of refinement of the European constructions with validity of our houses. And if on a joint of centuries preference was given to free planning, then demand for the turnkey houses completed with furniture grew presently.

Today architects do not need to invent the bicycle – they continue those ideas of zoning of internal space, a basis by which it is put in the nineties last century, supplementing them with interesting planning solutions, the built-in furniture and good hardware.