It is summer, and that means it’s time to do gardening. In «apartment» conditions a mini-garden of pallets will help us. This garden will perfectly fit not only in design of the balcony of the usual apartment, but will also find its place in the country, it is easy to transport from place to place, and most importantly — it can accommodate a large number of different plants.

Step 1: Looking for tray
The first task — to find a a\tray or pallet. Requirements for the tray are very simple: all boards should be in place. You can find the tray virtually at any stock, store of building materials or even in the food supermarket. Desirably, it was new and clean.

Step 2: Collecting materials
In addition to the pallet, we need: a few bags of garden soil, flowers for transplanting, a roll of landscape fabric (can be replaced with plastic wrap, but first option is better), stapler and sandpaper.

Step 3: Getting a pallet in the order
Using sandpaper treat the tray so that there were no beaters.

Step 4: Working with stapler
Measure the desired piece of landscape fabric to cover with double layer sides , bottom and one of the back parts of the tray. Now, use stapler to fasten our fabric to the pallet, placing brackets every 5 centimeters, you can manage a hammer and a small nail, but it will take much more time. Do not forget that you need to walk, not only on the perimeter, but also on the boards, which are located in the middle of the pallet.

Step 5: Getting fit
Now we moved to our main goal. First, we transplant flowers on top of the pallet. Then fill pallet with garden soil, do not forget it should be uniformly distributed over the entire area of the pallet and transplant a second part of the flowers.
Important clarification on transplant: there should be a lot of flowers, ideally last flower in every «ditch» should hardly be placed between them and there should not be a long distance.

Step 6: Setting up the garden on the balcony
When all the flowers are planted and well rammed, we reserve the pallet in a horizontal position for a few weeks, of course, it can be place in a vertical position earlier, but then part of the land may be contaminated. When our flowers will well entrench in the soil, and gave up the pallet upright. Our pallet mini garden is ready!