Home Design Philippines Native Style.

Ethno style again in fashion, east color is prestigious attribute of registration for office rooms, restaurants and shops. Now colonial style at the peak of fashion, and for creation of such interior we need to address to the Home Design Philippines Native Style. A climatic variety of Philippines gives the huge choice of used materials and their absolutely unexpected combinations. Things and home decoration are sated with the sun and a warm breeze of the Pacific Ocean, slackness of rest and romanticism of the nature and almost always cast thoughts of a relaxation even if it is strict office table (however from unusual material – skin).

Philippines is famous for the national crafts, travelers do not forget to take at least one souvenir executed by local handicraftsmen from islands of the archipelago. Woodcarving, weaving, and manual processing of wood, metal, a bamboo, embroidery, weaving, and jewelry art – here the incomplete list of what local shops can offer.

There is here also manufactory production which works mainly for export to the USA and partially for Italy. And if at last century Europeans took out mats, baskets and various capacities for storage made of local material (abacus) from here, then now the Philippine wicker furniture is executed often according to the Italian sketches and is not of a lower quality than it. And prices quite democratic. Filipinos do everything of an abacus: from cases to small cushions.

For a country house it is also possible to advise exotic wattled hammocks which are made in the boat form. The air sofa in the croissant form in the spirit of ethnic minimalism (and it already influence of Japan) will fit into an interior of country house, as well as exotic city drawing room.

And it still is possible to please itself and to surprise guests with a screen from an abacus, knickknacks from seaweed and cockleshells, little tables and chairs from hemp or the noble teak inlaid with a coconut shell.

Forms of modern furniture sophisticated, however all it is not alien to a practicality and performs utilitarian functions more than successfully. Materials, usual for Philippines, – mahogany, jute, rubber pitch, a bamboo, palm fiber, leather of an eel, slope and even ostrich – bribe Europeans by exoticism and proximity to the natural nature.

There are among products of the Philippine designers also cult things, for example, the chair fitted by leather of an eel under the name «Giraffe» which is thought up by Augusti.

Of course, it is possible to add an island charm and the Pacific slackness to an interior not only by means of pieces of furniture. Accessories – here one more secret of Filipinos. As it is possible from such usual materials, using actually only a nonconventional form, to recreate magic which reminds creativity of the most mad of artists – Dali. Besides Filipinos in the accessories, vases, panels, screens often use illumination, soft, doing the world around cozier and warmer.